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V^ I \J^ \^ 











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I | I | I 







Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries 






EDITOR Peggy Shanahan 





Rick Allen 
Mark Christiansen 
Eamonn Hobbs 
Joe Vecchione 


Bruce Arakelian 
Diane Franciose 
Cathy Shanahan 


James Donohoe, Administrative 

Dr. Barbara Miliaras, Faculty 

opyright® 1978 by Peggy Shanahan 
o part of this book may be 
roduced without the express 
itten permission of Peggy Shanahan 
the Assistant Dean ^5^>tudents of 

University of LovyeJJ^JLowell 
ssachusetts. This b^g^\fc/a>prfnted 

le United States oi^piprica by 

ter Publishing Co. ofv j 

ston-Salem, NortfcL Carolina. 

This edition 


I f ^L ... is divided into three principle 
| Ch ^J sections. 
One is a review of happenings during the 1977/78 
academic year, while Two combines the traditional 
senior, sports, and organizations sections. Three is a 
collection of faces and places that explain themselves 
to those who know them. 




• * 



■^4 1 







photo/Peggy Shanahan 



Sixty-three hundred 
undergrads come back to 
school . . . Charlies Angels 
come back to T.V. without Farrah 
Fawcett Majors . . . Meal plan 
rates increase . . . Ernie Kaknes 
goes on the chopping block again 
as Student Trustee Tom McGrail 
calls for investigation of Ivy Hall 
Caterers . . . Pele and the New 
York Cosmos win the North 
American Soccer League 
Championship . . . Billy Carter 
comes to Boston to promote 'Billy 
Beer' at the Miss Piggy Pizza 
Pageant . . . Manson prosecutor 
Vincent Bugliosi speaks at 
Cumnock and is interrupted by 
one of a series of bomb threats 
plaguing the University . . .Soap 
premiers on A. B.C. . . . 


ULowell punches new 
$600,000.00 Control Data 
Cyber 70 Computer and new 
programs are instituted in 
Criminal Justice, Physical 
Therapy, and 

Interdisciplinary Humanities 
. . . New York Mayor Abe 
Beame gets pied . . . 
Thomas G. Eliot is appointed 
Dean of the College of Music 
. . . College of Liberal Arts 
receives grant for Humanities 
program in Culture and 
Technology . . . Lou Brock 
breaks Ty Cobb's record for 
stolen bases . . . Ethel Waters 
dies of heart disease . . . 
ULowell Counseling Center 
initiates seven workshops 
and Newburyport songstress 
Hannah performs on South 
Campus. . . 

ULowell CD. Cyber 70 




Springfield College gymnasts 
perform in Costello Gym 
. . . The Marilyn Evan's 
lounge opens on North 
Campus with fast-food 
service for commuters . . . 
ULowell varsity sports are 
elevated to N.C.A.A. 
Division II ranking and 
Mitsakos, Bergin and Droney 
are appointed to the Board of 
Trustees . . . Maryland 
Governor Marvin Mandel is 
convicted on 1 1 1 counts of 
fraud and racketeering . . . 
U.S. Budget Director Bert 
Lance resigns and gets 
misty-eyed send-off from 
Jimmy Carter . . . Job Fair 
Industrial Exposition is held 
in Cumnock Hall ... A 
national survey shows that 1 1 
million grownups are going 

back to college . . .ULowell 
salutes the 30th anniversary 
of the Air Force . . . U.S. 
Farmlands to yield 
bin-busting harvest — the 
government cuts down on 
acreage . . . The world's 
deserts are spreading — an 
international conference in 
Kenya dikcusses the problem 
. . . Japan's Yomiuri Giants 
first baseman Sadahuru hits 
756th homerun and breaks 
Hank Aaron's record . . . 
Israeli psychiatrist Michael 
Bar says his study indicates 
that red-heads are genetically 
inclined to be hot-tempered 
. . . Arthur Fiedler, hot air 
balloons, planes, boats and 
amusements brighten the 
rainy Lowell Regatta Festival 
and so September ends. 


DST 6/500 

Systems Terminal 

** * Messing 
Jjjp Gommunk 
x j ^burWor^ji^ ,rs 

f ■ -4^^S 


Eamonn Hobbs 



* A 


Seventeen teams turn out 
to pull the big rope in the 
Bougeois tug-a-keg, competing 
for the thrill of victory and a keg 
of Miller beer ... A recent 
medical study finds that a beer 
a day helps keep heart attacks 
away . . . The Counseling 
Center sponsors 'New Games' 
festival on South Campus . . . 
The Yankees win the World 
Series and Senator John Dalton 
marries Elizabeth Taylor . . . 
Arson jumps 400% in a decade 
. . . Unemployment is up — 
Blacks are hit the hardest . . . 
ULowell sponsors 'Hellenic 
Symposium 1/ a major ethnic 
conference . . . Jonathan 
Edwards, The Poussette-Dart 
Band and Tom Rush perform at 
Lowell Memorial Auditorium in 
the first major concert of the 
year . . . The University 
Accreditation Team evaluates 
U. Lowell and sights problems 
with underfunding and 
understaffing . . . Faculty and 
staff members initiate childrens 
swim program . . . 

Peggy Shanahan 




photosPeggy Shanahan 







W** 1 

-9n| tjpv 


• a y 










V' 1 


' ' W 

1 | 


k ' si 

K^ . m 


^' ^^m 


1 -,^^m ^r 



li* _ 

! \ "IBbc ^i 

m :: 


■ '^d^^^^JI 

* ^*i 


Frank Alix opens for Henny 
Youngman in the Rat; 
other Thanksgiving Week 
activities include the Turkey 
Trot, Smith Hall Mixer and 
the South S.U.B. Party . . . 
The Rat is given rent-free 
status . . . ULowell College 
of Music kicks off its concert 
series . . . Olympic 
gold-medalist Wilma 
Rudolph speaks in Cumnock 
Hall . . . Anti-gay juicehead 
Anita Bryant gets pied on 
national TV by 
homeosexual militants . . . 
Miss America Kylene J. 
Barker names Jackie Onassis 
and the 'girl next door' as her 
role models ... On both 
sides of the winning platter 
parade are Billy Joel and the 
new wave of Punk 
Rockers . . . 




'Rocks-' is the definitive 
All-American success story 

especially at the box office 

. Thousands of American 
women meet in Houston for 
"Womankind," the largest 
conference of its kind in 
historv . . . The Boston 
Ballet entertains at Durgin 
Hall . . . The Student 
Information Center has grand 
opening. . . Something new 
under the sun — is there a 
tenth planet? . . . The U.N. 
bars arms shipments to South 
Africa . . .The U Lowell 
Club Football team is first in 
the nation. 







Peggy Shanahan 




Eamonn Hobbs 


Several days of freezing 
rain and temperatures 
hamper Christmas 
shopping . . . New 
medical study shows that a 
beer a day may help keep 
the doctor away by 
lowering the chance of 
heart attack . . . Cocaine 
is high in price and 
popularity — high enough 
for the dubious honor of 
being labeled the new 
jetset drug by People 
Magazine . . . Leitch Hall 
decorates the hopper with 
a Christmas tree and empty 
beer bottles . . . America 
celebrates Christmas 
without Bing Crosby, 
Groucho Marx and Charlie 


Eamonn Hobbs 




Anwar Sadat is named Time 
Magazine Man-of-the-Year 
. . . The U.S. Government 
sights that plain old garbage 
could become a major source 
of fuel . . . Dolly Parton is 
voted the worst dresser of 1 977 
. . . Carter goes abroad and the 
disco craze explodes with the 
release of Saturday Night Fever 
. . . Thousands flock to 
Memphis to commemorate 
Elvis Presley's birthday . . . 
The movie industry offers 
meatier roles for women . . . 
Radio City Music Hall 
announces plans to shut its 
doors forever . . . Efforts to 
repair the showers in the Towers 
are stalled . . . England's test 
tube fetus survives the second 
month in utero . . .Lowell's 
biggest snow slows the 
beginning of second 
semester . . . 


Publicity Photo 





Joe Vecchione 


Typical American Family 


It was mid-morning on Monday when the snow began to fall. 


• , 







Photos in this section by Al 





Afternoon classes were cancelled. Speculations 
increased and restlessness grew as the storm worsened. The 
snow blew through coats, doors and windows and blew 
and blew and blew . . . The Monday night late news at 
1 1 :00 had a lead story on the storm with footage showing 
miles of stalled cars on route 128. They were already 
terming the storm "... sensational, paralyzing, a record 
breaker!" and the word from the Cozone was "Get inside 
and stay there!" 

photo/PcKKy Sh.in.ih.in 




However, not everyone did. 

There was an outbreak of parties inside and snow craziness 





-/ \ I 



Ik s 

^ \ :\ 



J I 




School was cancelled early Tuesday morning as it was 
more than obvious that everything was cancelled except 
the snow. Afternoon saw the white wind die after 32 hours 
and 40 minutes of continuous snowfall. Twenty-nine 
inches of snow had accumulated with 10-15 foot drifts in 
some places. The night was awesome and bright with stars 
that shined on a cool-whip wonderland. 

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday — fair weather, a Presidential ly 
declared state of emergency in Massachusetts, and nothing to do 
but stick close to home, study, party, and play in the snow. The 
Rat ran out of beer on Wednesday and the dorm staff announced 
a snow-sculpture contest. Some area businesses opened later in 
the week and there was a well-beaten path to the liquor store. 


• . 


The weekend was calm, humbled perhaps by a slap in the face from 
nature. The driving ban was lifted in the Lowell area on Sunday and the 
word got out about the sculptures. ULowell became a tourist attraction 
for people who wanted some entertainment that was close to home. A 
steady stream of cars, kids, and instamatics crawled up Pawtucket St. all 
Sunday afternoon and into the evening. 

The weather was still the big topic of conversation on the 
firstday back in class. Lowell still had a lot of digging out to 
do. People shook their heads, talked about the shoveling, 
the bad roads, the sculptures, the colds the\ caught, and 

the situation elsewhere. Sixteen foot tides and 69 mile per ■ 
hour winds literally washed away some coastal 
communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and Motif 
#1 in Rockport was smashed to bits. 



Everyone had a story to tell about the blizzard of Feb. 6. 
. . . and they will probably be talking about it tor years to 
come. It was bigger than life. Everything stopped - at least 
for a while - and some things will never be the same. 




o -« 





February is Black Heritage 
month . . . Ali loses the 
heavyweight title to Leon 
Spinks . . . ULowell players 
presents "I DO, I DO . . . 
Student Government causes 
major hassel by hiring a 
nutritionist to check the 
quality of the food service — 
he finds the meal plan to be 
less than adequate . . . 
Creative University gives 
members of the school 
community an opportunity to 
take non-credit courses on a 
variety of subjects . . . 
ULowell Co-Op education 
program offers students 
another alternative . . . 
College costs have ballooned 
by 77% in the past 10 years 
. . . Famed pianist Bela 
Nagy plays at Durgin Hall 
... The Crotched Mt. Ski 
Trip is once again the favorite 
University Week event . . . 


photos/Joe Vecchione 



Peggy Shanahan 

The University Week 
activities stretch 
February into March with 
mime Trent Arterberry, the 
50's Mixer, free pizza in the 
Rat and a sometimes rude 
Gong Show. 



Peggy Shanahan 




r 3 ^^ 


/> iiv HB T~ 

H^^ ' 

Bfo -'■J 

1 ■ i 

1 ^ ' 



photo. /Al Mowatt FREE PIZZA 



. . . The J. Giels Band and 
James Montgomery perform 
at Lowell Memorial 
Auditorium . . . Carter 
considers invoking the 
Taft-Hartley act to end coal 
miners strike . . . Queen 
Margrette of Denmark is 
found to be pseudonymous 
illustrator for a $165.00 
limited edition of J.R.R. 
Tolkiens Fellowship of the 
ring . . . The kidnapping of 
Christian Democratic Party 
leader Aldo Moro stuns Italy 
. . . H.R. Haldeman suggests 
in The Ends of Power that 
Nixon personally supervised 
the Watergate operation, was 
in on the cover up from the 
first, and erased I8I/2 minutes 
of tape showing his 




The average American tells 
some 200 lies a day — no 
fooling! . . . 

Count Basie, Ramsey Lewis, 
Herb Pomeroy and the college 
of music jazz it up the weekend 
of the eighth of April . . . Irish 
Fortnight is held from the 6th to 
the 15th . . . Alcohol is 
banned in the south campus 
S.U.B. . . . The language 
Department presents Le 
Spectacle Beaumarchais . . . 
The Civil Engineers conduct the 
Concrete Canoe Race . . . 
Bernie Shapiro runs in the 
Boston Marathon . . . Mass. 
Senator Ted Kennedy comes to 
Durgin Hall to speak about his 
recent trip to China while 
Senator Brookes' popularity is 
one the slide as he makes a 
worried bid for re-election . . . 
Jesus Christ Supestar is a smash 
. . . Karl Wallenda loses high 
wire gamble . . . Student 
Government elections are 
nullified . . . 

The next Morning asks 
there life after Spring 



Peggy Shanahan 



Peggy Shanahan 






Peggy Shanahan 



Clouds and chilling 
temperatures did not cool the 
spirit at Leitch halls' Annual 
Thursday night Spring 
Carnival Warm-up part\ . It 
just took more hotdogs. beer, 
drams, smoke and fire to 
keep them warm down bv the 
river. Johanna Wild supplied 
the music and the second or 
was it the third?) floor of 
Bourgeois Hall and Dean 
King supplied the fireworks. 




s3v34?« I. 

By late Fridav morning the 
crow d of 6000 or more w as out 
to partv and starting to put 
down over 200 kegs of beer, 
still more hot-dogs, and who 
knows how manv burgers, 
tacos, joints, soft pretzels, 
cruellers, meatball subs, and 
lines of cocaine. 

The Blend' started 
entertaining from the 
twelve-foot stage at noon. 
'Tower of Power', Rizzz' and 
'Beaver Brown' followed. 
Master of ceremonies Chris 
Rush las bald as he is rude) 
found the audience interested 
in his views on sex, drugs, 
parochial school girls, New 
York, and Judaism. Half of the 
students at Lowell and Dracut 
Highs probably skipped school 
to watch them. The Dunking 
Booth, the Car Demolition and 
the free spiked watermelon 
drew crowds. There were a lot 
of people hanging around their 
friends and styrofoam coolers. 
Mothers brought kids ... So 
manv easv faces. 



*^" * v. 


* 91 



■4 t 

11 j n?r, 

1 1 


r - 




, d w&**\& 


-^ -ICAN 

#* I 



— : > ^ 




■ ■ H. . 

photos/PeRgy Shanahan 

N^.v ' 


Bruce Arakelian 

Even though Volkswagen has 
stopped manufacturing the 
bug, coat-hangers and other ad- 
vances in technologv should 
keep them alive and buzzing for 
years ... It is almost time for 
the last big cram . . . Senior 
week is probablv the only time 
in one's life when people fully 
expect that you will go out for 
seven nights in a row to drink 
and party ... No one of the 
world's ten most beautiful 
women is under thirtv . . . The 
world seems to be full of Steve 
Martin gags . . . Commence- 


Peggv Shanahan 





photos Peggy Shanahar 




A I Mowatt 

When members of the 
class of '78 were 
freshmen they registered at two 
different schools. Lowell Tech 
was a world-famous 
engineering school and Lowell 
State had strong liberal arts and 
music programs. At 
commencement on June 3, it 
seemed wholly appropriate that 
graduates of the College of 
Liberal Arts uncorked bottles of 
champagne and blew bubbles 
while the engineers chanted 
"Lowell Tech, Lowell Tech" 
and lit firecrackers. The 
celebration was the same. 



The Presidential Citation for 
Distinguished Academic Per- 
formance b\ an Athlete is 
aw arded to the senior w ho has at- 
tained the highest cumulative 
grade-point-average while com- 
peting in the intercollegiate pro- 
gram for four years. Stephen 
Kicinski received this award. 

The Trustees Key is awarded to 
Baccalaureate candidates who 
achieved a four-year record with 
no course grade less than an "A". 
Diane M. Fairbrother was the 
second student in the three-year 
historv of the University to quali- 

Members of Who's Who in the 
class of 19~8 included Steven E. 
Adam, Joseph J. Blonski, Terri 
Colleran, Robert E. Depatie. 
Robert Desmaris, Mark Eastham, 
Stephanie Kavouras, Stephen 
Kicinski, Thomas F. McGrail, Pat- 
ricia McLaughlin, Paul F. Morse, 
Harry Riley, Margaret C. Shana- 
han, Lori Sousa, Jeanne Sturrock, 
Mark Szen and Robert Zappulla. 


Peggy Shanahan 



The President's Medal is 
awarded to as many as 
six graduating Seniors who 
have made outstanding con- 
tributions to the University. 
Those nominated were 
Joseph J. Blonski, Kenneth 
Dipoto, Thomas F. McGrail, 
Paul F. Morse, Patricia A. Sul- 
livan, and Robert Zapul la. 

The Student Government 
Citation for Distinguished 
Student Service is awarded to 
a Senior who has worked 
without recognition on stu- 
dent projects throughout his 
or her academic career for 
the betterment of student life. 
The first recipient was Mar- 
garet Shanahan. 



Peggy Shanahan 



Patricia Adams EM 
Cheryl Andraktos EP 
Bette Bahrikis SH 
Karen Barbett SP 
James Batchelder ER 

Kenneth Boisvert EG 
Marianne Bond El 
Diane Brouillette SA 
Mary Brown EP 
Kim Buxton SM 

James Byrnes SM 
Deborah Chadbourne 
Sally Chevalier ER 
Eilleen Clancy EP 
Kathleen Cole EM 

Gerald Colella SS 
Robin Dejadon EO 
Jean Depoian EO 
Terrence Dostie SH 
Carol Dufresne ER 


Sandra Evans SA 
JoAnne Gagnon ER 
Donna M. Gendron EO 
Michael Gianotis SH 
Mary Grondine SH 



Man, Haggertv EP 

Randall Hart EP 

Deborah Herrington SF 

Karen Kieman SE 

Richard Kleponis SP 
Paula Kliskev EA 

Chervl Kuchar ER 

Norman Lombard! SL 

Cynthia Loulakis EM 

Sharon MacMilian SA 

Donna Mailloux EH 

Andrea Mangano ER 

~,'t *f. 


P** *j5j*gJ 

Nancy Manolis 


[ Jk 

Sophia Marangos 

i -. 


Maureen McDevitt 

5 v. 

Judith McGann 


Patricia Mclaughlin 






Rena Mcmanus 




Brenda Mehan 




Susan Mitchell 



Paula Monroe 




Pamela Morgan 






Cynthia Morin EM 
Cynthia Mullen EG 
Jeanne Mulligan SP 
Theresa Murray SH 

Cynthia Pacione SF 
Themia Pappas ER 
Diane Pellerin EF 
Carol Potvin ER 

Jean Riccio EP 
Robert Schmidt SH 
Patricia Senecal AE 
Susan Sevigny SM 
Maureen Sill iker EG 

Gordon Stevenson SH 
Clara Stupakewicz ER 
Donna Sweeney ER 
Louise Thibodeau SF 
Sophia Tsionis EF 

Jean Tuccelli El 
Carolyn Verdolotti SE 
Lynne Vik ER 
Susan White SH 
Julie Whittenberger EM 



Hassan Abdelghanv 

William Adams 

George Adomato 

Richard Amos 

Ted Andrew 

Peter Anderson 

Ibrahim .Ash 

Gregory Auchter 

Thomas Bailey 

Peter Bajor 

Paul Baroni CN 

Richard Barrett EE 

Victor Bartash EE 

Timothv Beauchemin CE 

Robert Joseph Beck IT 

Gregory Bejtlich 


Steven Belisle 


Francis Belliveau 


Richard Berger 


Paul Bibinski 


William Bickmore 

Gary Blanchet 

Joseph Blazevich 

Joseph Blonski 

David H. Boldi 




John Bolduc EE 
Richard Bostiga ME 
Edward Brock III PL 
Gary Brooks PL 
Lawrence Brophy CE 

Paul Buckley CE 
James Bullock ME 
Peter Bergman PL 
Cynthia Burhans EE 
Joseph Burns Jr. CE 

Matthew Byrne CE 
David Calderan EE 
Russell Calla EE 
Philip Camann EE 
Antonio Campo ET 

Francis Candelieri ET 
Dennis Carlson ME 
Joseph Carroll ME 
Carlos Carvalho EE 
David Casali PL 

Frank Cavaleri CE 
Tat Yin Choo CN 
Anthony Chory ME 
Humphrey Chow ME 
Wing Leung Chui NE 


Michael Cicconi 

David Clement 

Paul Collette 

Gary Comeau 

James Concanon 

Gary Connor 
William Constantino 
Maurizio Contini 
Patsy Coppola III 
Daniel Courage 

Richard Crabb IT 

Paul Crimi ME 

William G. Crites PL 

Timothy Crossland EE 

Charles Culliton ME 

George Czernienko CN 

Eugene Damore Jr. EE 

Paul Dargie IT 

Barry W. Davis CE 

Thomas Deal IT 

Orlando DeAngelis 

Richard Deubert 

Frank Denecke 

Scott Derderian 

Robert Depatie 

Peter Demeo 

Robert Desmarais 

Diana Desrosiers 

Craig Douglas 

Thomas Doyle 


r.s "■.' 

Stephen Drumm CE 
Kenneth Duclos ME 
Thomas Duffy ME 
Kevin Duggan PL 
Daniel Dupree EE 

Kevin Egan ME 
Jeffrey Eldridge 
Kirk Elwell CE 
George England 
Paul Esdale CE 



Mirsaafd Fakharzadeh 
Sea K. Fan CN 
Charles Farali EE 
Francis Fedele CE 
Michael Feeney NE 


John Ferullo ME 
Alan Forbes CN 
Paul Fortier EE 
Stephen Fossey CN 
Richard Gagnon NE 

James Galeski ME 
David Gardiner CE 
Michael Garrigan IT 
Joseph Gavin Jr. EE 
Lorin Gilbert EE 

Richard Gilbert EE 
Michael Gonsalves ME 
Joel Gorden ME 
Thomas Granger CE 
William Granville PL 



Mark Cravell CE 

Dale Graves NE 

Donald Gross IT 

John Grover CE 

Thomas Guerra Jr. ME 

David Guimond ME 

Allen Gunn NE 

Dennis Gunson PL 

Thomas Hajjar EE 

Eric Halbach Jr. CN 

William Haley ME 

Gary Hammond CE 

Wayne Harmon NE 

William Haskell CE 

Philip Hemenway PL 

Anastasia Housianitis CE 

Joan Hurton ME 

Raj Ishrish CN 

Faize Jamil ME 

Christopher Jolly CE 

Mark Joncas EE 
James Karon EE 

M. Mark Kawalec PL 
Brian Keegan CN 

Kathleen Keegan CN 




Kevin Kelly EE 
Paul Kennington IT 
Kenneth Kern ME 
Stephen Kicinski CE 
Joseph King NE 

Lee Kinnon CN 
Bruce Klein ME 
Neil Korpusik EE 
Michael Katlowski EE 
Brian Labombard NE 

Jason Lachut IT 
Peter Lai EE 
Norman Laing NE 
Leon Lafreniere ME 
Donald Lane PL 

Stephen Langtagne CN 
Sauto Lau ME 
John Lawrence PL 
Patrizia Leonessa EE 
Carl Letendre PL 

John Levesque EE 
Steven Levy IT 
Kim Li EE 

Matthew Lincoln ME 
Robert Loughlin EE 



Khoon Low EE 

Kenneth Lown ME 

Adetona Lufadeju IT 

John Lysy IT 

Gary Macdonald CE 

Richard Mahoney CN 

Francis Mann Jr. IT 

Earl Manhertz EE 

Roger Manser ME 

Anthony Manzi CE 

Johnny Martin EE 

Richard Martin Jr. IT 

Kenneth Mason ME 

John McCarron EE 

Christopher McCluer ME 

Doug McCrakken ME 

Allison McCovern ME 

William Mcintosh EE 

David McMahon ME 

George Medeiros NE 



Michael Mellish CN 
Ron Messier CE 
Kevin Metcalf IT 
Mark Mills NE 
Anastasios Mitrogogos ME 

Jeffrey Moler ME 
Josepn Morawaski EE 
Joseph Morgida CE 
Dennis Morrison EE 
Ali Moslesh EE 

Daniel Moulin EE 
Allen Mowatt EE 
Thomas Nahill PL 
David Neal CE 
Steven Nickerson EE 

Kevin Nohelty EE 
Daniel Noserk ME 
Micheal Novak CN 
Jeffrey O'Brien PL 
Randy Olson CN 



James Ormiston 
Jim Ormond 
Donald Palo 
James Parker 

Douglas Parsons 

Steven Parsons 

Anthony Pedi 

Michael Pedranti 

John Pehl 

Paul Penerian 

Ke\in Peregrin 

Iver Peterson 

Paul Phelan 

Richard Piela 

Thomas Pistorino 

Richard Powers 
Gary Pulsinelli 

Richard Quinn 
Robert Racicot 
Nejat Rahmani 

Peter Rancourt 

Ken Rayna 
Philip Ribaudo 
Brian Rich 
Bernard Richard 


William Robblee CE 
David Roberge CE 
David Rosato ME 
William Rosenkrans ME 
Robert Roy EE 

George Ruetenik CN 
Glenn Santerre NE 
Robert Santos IT 
T. Eugene Scanlon EE 
Edward Seaver CN 


Robert Shapiro EE 

Ronald Sheperd IT 

Raymond Simeone ME 

David Simoneau IT 

Ron Singletary EE 

Patricia Sisovsky CE 

Kam Wing Siu EE 

Gregory Smith ME 

Paul Spirkowyc PL 

Peter Stewart PL 

Ken Stidson ME 

Richard St. Onge NE 

William Sullivan CE 

William Sullivan CE 

Jay Tracey ME 

William Trov 

Dennis Unger 

Paula Ustinovvich 

David Vacca 

Maria Vasilopolous 

Joe Vecchione 

Tom VeiMeux 

D. Vispoziani 

Paui Vitale 

P. Voegelin 

Gevorg Voskanian 

Kenneth Waddicor 

Mark Wall 

David Walsh 

Boghosian Wayne 




.- ye~*m 

photo/Phil Harizi 

Kerry Weaver EE 
Benjamin Wildman EE 
Micheal Wilkey EE 
Steven Willis NE 
William Wisnaskas EE 

Wymond Wong CN 
Ronald Yankum ME 
David Zephir IT 
Micheal Zinchuk EE 
Edward Znoj CE 


Peggy Shanahan 

Healthhealthhealthhealthhealthhealthhealthhealthheal health 

Leslie Altieri NU 

Susan Angos NU 

Denise Arnot NU 

Nancy Ashe MD 

Diane Baganski NU 

Deborah Bajoras MD 

Viola Beberian MD 

Jane Bierson NU 

Brenda Blair NU 

Michele Blake NU 

Cynthia Borngen MD 

)oanne Boudreau MD 

Gary Bowden MD 

Donna Butler NU 

Michelle Clermont NU 

Elizabeth Coletta 

Lynn Cote 

Linda Cox 

Norma Diselvestro 

Carol Donovan 


Mary Gialopsos NU 
Roberta Graham NU 
Cheryl Green NU 
Kathryn Green NU 
lean Gromberg NU 

Bernice Guernon NU 
Patricia Hanlon NU 
)ohn Janeiro, Jr. NU 
Donna Jenkins NU 
Victoria Jones NU 

Susan Jussaume NU 
Sally Lombard NU 
Colleen Maloney NU 
Donna Macmillan NU 
Jean McKelvey NU 

Elaine Michaud NU 
Patricia Mullen NU 
Elaine Nastasia NU 
Mary O'Dowd NU 
Kathy Passler MD 

Kathleen Pender NU 
Karen Pierce NU 
Carla Sittler NU 
Catherine Salerno MD 
Patricia Sawicki NU 

Demetra Siopes NU 
Catherine Stevens NU 
Nancy Thibeault NU 
Brenda Timothy NU 
Cynthia Trembley NU 


Pailine Abate 
Judith Abbott 
Steven Adam 
Joyce Antle 
Edwin Arnold 

Nancy Faye Autenzio 

Karen Bailey 

Linda Baranauskas 

Joan Beattie 

Ronald Bedard 





of mode; 



v "i_^ 

Li beralartsliberalartsliberalarts libera 





Ralph Bellegarde SO 

Janet Bibeau PS 

Brenda Boucher PS 

Leonard Brassard PS 

Gail Britton SO 

Shelaugh Burns PS 

Maria Catanzaro LS 

Evangeline Cathcart PS 

Robert Carrison AR 

Kim Cooper PS 

Michelle Crocker HI 

Paulette Croteau PY 

Richard Crowe EN 

Dona Crowell EN 

Lynn Cunningham PS 




Joseph Davis HI 
Donna Dennis PS 
Lorna Dimeo PS 
Deirdre Doran LS 
Martha Eyres SO 

Karen Farmer AS 
Roland Field AR 
Barbara Flemmia EN 
Paul Francoeur EN 
Elizabeth Frappier EN 

John Frazzetta PO 
Charles Gargiulo SO 
Elaine Gaudet PS 
Michael Gillis EN 
Marygayle Grunke so 

David Hallinan SO 
Robert Hill PO 
Cynthia Hines PS 
Ellen Husson AR 
Roseanne Husson PS 

Loreen Isherwood SO 
Kathleen Johnson PS 
James Jones AR 
Michelle Jussaume EN 
Peter Kalogeropoulos HI 

Bernard Lynch PO 

Kenneth MacShane AS 

Ellen Mahonev EN 

Anne Martin PS 

Deborah McAnespie SO 


Michael O'Dea HI 
Richard O'Neal EN 
Carla Paolino HI 
Sandra Parris PS 
John Perry EN 

Phyllis Pintabone PS 
Barbara Polizzotti SO 
Carol Polizzotti HI 
Michelle Proulx AS 
Cheryl Provasali SO 


Edward Rocha H 

Suzanne Romano PS 

Loretta Rose PS 

Marguerite Roue HI 

Warren Russell SO 

Sheryl Savage 

Peggy Shanahan 

Robert Slawson 

Debra Snook 

J. Strasser 








Peggy Shanahan 

Marilyn Straw AR 
Anne Struzziero AS 
Joan Sullivan HS 
Patty Sullivan AS 
Doreen Sylvia PS 

Michael Todd EN 
Donna Tremblay EN 
Rick Walo AR 
Daniel Webb III PH 
Minerva Webster PS 

Sheryl White PS 
Beth Wright PS 
Kim Wright HI 
Deborah Yeo SO 
Kid IC 


Richard Almeida MG 

Maureen Anctil CT 

Joseph Avila AC 

Da\id Barbosa MG 

Barry Eliot MG 

John Barr\ AC 

Lorraine Bechtel MG 

Jeanne Belanger AC 

Linda Belanger MG 

John Bellegarde MG 

Edward Bennett AC 

Damian Benson AC 

Edward Billeuicz MG 

Karen Bies MG 

Judith Birmingham EC 

Michael Birmingham AC 

Robert Bishop MG 

Paul Boisse MG 

Linda Bromberg AC 

Marie Broun AC 

Russell Campanello MG 

Paul Caron MG 

Tony Chaves AC 

Dale Clark IM 

Pamela Colas EC 


managementmanagementmanagement management 

Carol Coolbaugh AC 
Mark DeGennaro MC 
Robert DeWolfe MC 
Kevin Deware AC 
Stephen Deveau MG 

Dennis Dingman MG 
Robin Dion MG 
David DiPalma MG 
Kenneth DiPoto AC 
Micheal Disler MG 

Ellen Duffy MG 
Steven Ferry MG 
Francis Fay MG 
Robert Ferrante AC 
David Filosa MG 

Marsha Flake MG 
Marc Fournier EC 
William Francis MG 
Greg Fuller MG 
Richard Galager MG 

Mary Ganley AC 
John Gannon MG 
Geogre Garabedian AC 
Patricia Gardner AC 
Stephen Garofalo MG 


James Caudette AC 

Michael Gazda IM 

Gail Gendron AC 

Eugene Giacchino MG 

Joseph Gibson AC 

James Gilbride MG 

Brian Goguen AC 

Eileen Goodness AC 

Louise Griffin AC 

Stephen Gusties AC 

Elizabeth Hall 

Abdual Hanif 

Scott Hansberry 

Arthur Harding Jr. 

Michael Harrington 


Anne-Louise Harris 

Teresa Hellstein 

Gregory Hill 

Nancy Hill 

William Hoegen 



Donald Hogan MG 

William Hubbard AC 

Rosemary Joseph AC 

Anne Kemple AC 

Warren Kosterman AC 

Charles Korb 

Kevin Klegnen 

Wing-Hun Lai 

James Lambert 

Kenneth Lamport 



Edward Lamport AC 
Jean Marie Lane AC 
Stephen Laronde MG 
Karen Latoszek AC 
Sui Tung Lee MC 

Frederick Lefebore MG 
Steven Leonard MG 
Kenneth Lepere MG 
Pauline Lesage AC 
Doreen Levy AC 

William Lipnoski AC 
Napoleon Lul EC 
Jeffrey Maden AC 
John Marotta MG 
Lucille Marino MG 

David F. Martin IM 
Michael McDonough MG 
Thomas F. McGrail AC 
Andrew McSpiritt MG 
Jeffrey Mead AC 

Frances Mee MG 
Maureen Meegan AC 
Ronald Meers MG 
Lowell Mercier MG 
George Mercuri MG 

Michael Migara AC 
John Michaud AC 
Mary Morgan AC 
Paul F. Morse IM 
Gerard Moschella AC 


Donald Mulligan AC 
John Murphy IM 

Michael Murray MG 
Michael Musso IM 
Gerard Nadeau AC 

Paul Nadeau 

Arthur Nolan 

Michael Norton 

Walter Nutter 

Steven Nystrom 


Cornelius O'Connell MG 

Stephen Osborne AC 

Anthony Pacella AC 

Rudolph Palermo EC 

John Panny MG 

Jeffrey Patterson MG 
Donald Plummer IM 

Barbara Pol in AC 
Larry Prentice MG 

James Powers AC 

Thomas Proulx EC 

Joseph Regan AC 

Paul Rutano AC 

Richard Reis AC 

Daniel Robertson AC 

Robert Ryan 

Susan Sackas 

Micheal Savastano 

Diane Schaller 

Mary Schwary 



Donald Scott MG 
Micheal Serabian MG 
Nadine Shea AC 
Lisa Silva MG 
Robert Sirois MG 

Fredrick Sloban Jr. MG 
Micheal Socia MG 
Lori Sousa MG 
Anne Marie Spagnolo AC 
Joseph Stanganelli AC 

Patricia Stockdale AC 
Jeanne Sturrock AC 
Bernard Sullivan MG 
Robert Sullivan MG 
Mark Szen AC 

Laura Torra MG 
Margaret Tsao AC 
Re nee Turcotte AC 
George Turtle MG 
Jeffrey Valiton MG 

Thomas Vinik EC 
Janet West MG 
Scott Williams EC 
Thomas Wilson EC 
Richard Worthen MG 

George Wybieralla AC 
Alan Yameen AC 
Robert Zappulla AC 
Edward Zahka Jr. MG 
Steven Ziogas AC 



Donna Allard 

Kevin Ames 

Holly Bartlett 

Elaine Berard 

Sandra Bindas 

Roberta Blake 

David Brown 

Joanne Carbone 

Raymond Cattaneo 

Donna Chart 

Patricia Charron 

Pamela Chulada 

Mary Beth Coleman 

Don Crotty 

John Delmore 

Linda Deroche 

Nancy Doyon 

Thomas Dunn 

Jane Fiore 

Mary Fitzgerald 

Charles Franco 
Beverly Ferry 
Susan Calvin 

Cynthia Gerard 
Beth Graham 


Ellen Greenberg MS 
Edward Crigoli MS 


Richard Gerbert MS 
Joyce Hemeon MS 
Nancy Herlin MS 
C.A. Homles MU 
James Kafasis MU 

Beverly Kauppila MU 
Curtis P. Knight MS 
Raymond Landolt MS 
Amy Lester MU 
Paul Livingston MS 

Leslie Mager MS 
Richard Marcil MS 
Lynda Martell MU 
Martha McDonald MS 
Ken Noonan MP 

Joseph Randazzo MS 
Valerie Renaud MS 
Kathryn Shogry MS 
Elizabeth Smardz MS 
Kevin Smith MS 

Melody Tarbox MS 
Patricia Thomas MS 
Paul Tumanowski MS 
Tenley Westbrook MS 
Carol Singarelli MU 



Michael Amatucci MY 

Maria Andrade MA 

Frank Andreotti BS 

Kenneth Ashe BS 

James Barrows MA 

Charles Bell ES 

Damian Bernard PH 

Edward Brezinski RS 

Richard Brostowin BS 

Robert Brown CH 

Michael Cariglia MA 

Matilde Carlino MA 

John Chapman MA 

Susan Chory MA 

Terri Coleran 
Elaine Coughlin 
Leslie Crawford 
Sandra Croak 
Anthony Curreri Jr. 



Eric Darois 

Carmen DeFillipo 

Ronald Delgizzi 

Deborah Deluca 

Robert d'Entremont 





Bruce Deprest MY 
Karin Dixon BS 
Rita Donoghue MA 
Jill Doolan MA 

Matthew Doyle BS 
David Duda MA 
Mark Dufault ES 
Joseph Dufresne ES 
Debra Dumont BS 

Ruth Duncan MA 
Judith Dwyer BS 
Robert Dwyer CH 
Mark Eastham BS 
Gerald Felde MY 

Bradford Field MY 
David Fitts RS 
Calla Flibotte MA 
Nandy Ford MA 
Walter Gacek Jr. BS 

Frederick Gadomski MY 
Jacqueline Geoffroy BS 
Patricia Grant CH 
Alan Gray BS 
Maria Gregorio BS 


Michael Hanninen 

Alan Hicks 

Mary Hemeon 

John Hudson 

Warren Isabelle 


Cennaro lannaccone CH 

Richard Jackson MA 

Brian Johnson MA 

Wayne Johnson ES 

Derek Jones BS 

William Kamal 

Elaine Keegan 

Maureen Lacomb 

Marc Lamarche 

Estella Laurenzo 


Reymond Lenox BS 

Gary Lertourneau PH 

Henry Lyon MA 

Daniel Machado MA 

Brenda Maille MA 

Alan Marshall MY 

Michael Matvichuk MY 

Marty Mclain MA 

David Mclain PH 

Vanessa Moore BS 

Michael Mroz 

Kevin Mulchahy 

William Munyon 

Kathleen Nassif 

Joseph O'Connor 







Maurice O'Donneli MA 
Deborah Oliver BS 
Michael Palmerino MY 
Stephen Picardo PS 
Raymond Porter MY 

Daniel Prichard ES 
Margaret Prophet BS 
Mary Anne Ramey BS 
Harry Riley RS 
James Ringwood Jr. ES 

Charles Rukowski CH 
Sharon Santos MA 
Christopher Sargent ES 
Gail Skinner BS 
Robert Sletten PH 

Dianne Spear MA 
Rita Steeves BS 
Mary Stowell MA 
Joseph Strazzere MA 
William Sullivan PH 

Andrew Timbie MY 
Steven Tirrell MA 
Noreen Toohil MA 
John Tremblay MA 
James Webb RS 

Robert Welt BS 
Mark Winter PH 
Sheila Yanacek CH 
Nche Zama CH 
Cayle Zeller MA 



Abate, Pauline M. 
1 9 Bigelow St. 
Lawrence MASS 01 843 

Abbott, Judith C. 
13 Lucille Ave. 
Westford, MASS. 01886 

Abodeely, Ann M. 
285 Lafayette St. 
Salem, MASS 01970 

Adam, Steven E. 
5 Stage Rd. RFD 1 
No. Billerica, MASS 01862 

Adams, Patricia F. 
77 So. Walker St. 
Lowell, MASS 01851 

Adams, William J. 
41 Foundry St. Unit 241 
S. Easton, MA. 02375 


Adornato, George A. 
63 Harold Parker Rd. 
Andover, MA 01810 

Albano, Daniel R. 
109 JaquesSt. 
Somerville, MASS 02145 

Albertine, Joyce L. 
34 Ruthellen 
Chelmsford, MA 01824 

Alise Jr., Anthony A. 
1211 Broadway 
Dracut, MA 01826 

Allard, Donna M. 
278 Water St. 
Leominster, MASS 01453 

Alleca, Richard A. 
1 6 Perham St. 
Wakefield, MA 01880 

Allen, Walter H. 
6 Ridge Rd. 
Hudson, MA. 01749 

Almeida, Richard S. 
6 Hudson St. 
S. Attleboro, MA. 02703 

Altieri, Leslie A. 
40 Wiley Rd. 
Belmont, Mass. 02178 

Amatucci, Michael P. 
3 Conrad Cir. 
Wenham, MA 01984 

Ames, Kevin E. 
48 Winter St. 
Tilton, NH. 03276 

Amos, Richard F. 
34 Richfield Rd. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Amos Jr., Charles W. 
34 Richfield Rd. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Anctil, Maureen A 
9 Harris Dr. 
Burlington, MASS. 01803 

Anderson, Eric B. 
119 Randolph St. 
S. Weymouth, MASS. 02190 

Anderson, Peter L. 
20 Lindor Rd. 
N. Reading, MA. 01864 

Anrade, Maria E. 
453 Lowell St. 
Lawrence, MASS 01841 

Andraktos, Cheryl 
1 66 Stevens St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Andreotti, Frank P. 
68 Hancock St. 
Bedford. MA. 01 730 

Andrew, Ted M. 
Off Milestone Rd. 
Siasconset, MA. 02564 

Andrews, Martha D. 
431 Rockland St. 
Abington, MA. 02351 

Angus, Susan M. 
30 Rhodora St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Antell, Thomas J. 
30 Holden Rd. 
Paxton, MA. 01612 

Antonelli, Mary R. 
59 Acton Rd. 
Westford, MASS. 01886 

Apostolos, Joyce A. 
5 Lawn Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Arbuckle, Peter W. 
10 Fairmount St. 

Nashua, NH. 03060 

Archambault, Richard C. 
26 Smith Ave. 
Granby, MA. 01033 

Arndt, Denise P. 
23 Elm St. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Arnold, Edwin, C. 
Sinai Circle Apt. C12 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Ash, Ibrahim F. 
U of Lowell Box 808 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Ahse, Kenneth M. 
34 Stephen Ave. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Ashe, Nancy J. 
3 Appletree Rd. 
Tweksbury, MASS. 01876 

Astrella Jr., Trin J. 
2355 W. Michigan Av. 
342 Pensacola, FL. 32506 

Athanas, Vangel 
28 Wilson Rd. 
Stoneham, MASS. 02180 

Auciello, Michael J. 
16 Fairview St. 
Newton, MA. 02158 

Autenzio, Nancyfaye R. 
971 Central St. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Avila, Joseph F. 
4 Pailet Drive 
No. Chelmsford, MA. 01863 

Bacon, Janet 
1 62 Agawam St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Baganski, Diane M. 
47 Sawyer St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Bahrikis, Bette A. 
134 Graniteville Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Bailey, Karen N. 
340 W. Water St. 
Rockland, MASS. 02370 

Bailey, Thomas L. 
535 Andover St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Bajor, Peter J. 

25 King St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Bajoras, Deborah A. 
20 Lynn St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Baldwin, Karin A. 

26 Hawthorne Ave. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Barbas, Christine 
188 Wild wood St. 
Wilmington, MASS. 01887 

Barbett, Karen D. 
132 Butler St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

Barbosa, David S. 
14 Wilhelmina Ave. 
Burlington, MA. 01803 

Baroni, Paul R. 
South Monroe Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01862 

Barrett, Richard M. 
92 Branch St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Barrow, David C. 
90 Brook St. 
Plympton, MASS. 02367 

Barrows, James P. 
80 Acrebrook Dr. 
Chicopee, MA. 01020 

Alter, Maxine L. 
156 Wilder St. 
Lowell. MA. 01854 

Antle, Joyce M. 
440 Concord Rd. 
Bedford, MASS. 01730 

Babicki, Karen A. 
1 22 Greenwood Rd. 
Andover, Mass. 01810 

Barry, Eliot R. 
29 Hillcrest Dr. 
Dumont, NJ. 07628 


Barry, John T. 
Main St. 
Marstons Mills, MA 02648 

Bedaro, Ronald A. 
364 University Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Biagini, Steven L 
300 Pleasant St. 
Marshfield, MASS. 02050 

Blanchet, Gary S. 
12 Skelton Rd. 
Burlington, MA. 01803 

Bariash, Victor 
1 1 5 Crane St. 
Dedham, MA. 02026 

Bejtlich, Gregory E. 
1 9 Bow St. 
Saugus, MA. 01906 

Bibeau, Janet A. 
34 Shaw St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Blazevich, Joseph J. 
5A Airline Rd. 
Clinton, MA. 06413 

Bartlett, Holly F. 
RFD 1 Box 133 
Hillsboro, NH. 03244 

Belanger, Jeanne M. 
1 20 Fisher St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Bibinski, Paul J. 
23 Rockview Rd. 
Milton, MA. 02187 

Blazevich, M. Morgan 
5A Airline Rd. 
Clinton, CT. 06413 

Bartlett II, Earl S. 
1 68 Andover St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Basque, Rene N. 
Harvard St. 
Leominster, MA. 01453 

Belanger, Linda S. 
1 8 Barbara St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Belisle, Steven R. 
26 Farnham St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01 843 

Bickmore, William L. 
65 Berkley St. 
N. Billerica, MA. 01862 

Biernson, Jane A. 
322 Holden Wood Rd. 
Concord, MASS. 01 742 

Blonski Jr., Joseph J. 
150 2nd St. 105 
Framingham, MA. 01701 

Boghosian, Wayne A. 
70 Peters Dr. 
Stoughton, MA. 02072 

Bassett, Lawrence A. 
69 Franklin St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01840 

Bastien, Normand E. 
166 Parkwood Dr. 
E. Peperell, MA. 01437 

Batchelder, James S. 
93 Argilla Rd. 
Andover, MASS. 01810 

Bell, Charles E. 
14 Maple PI. 
Needham, MA. 02192 

Bellegarde, Ralph J. 
48 Manning Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

lelliveau, Francis L. 

500 N. Congress Ave. 82 

W. Palm Bch., FL. 33401 

Bies, Karen M. 
14 Maple Edge Dr. 
Bloomfield, CT. 06002 

Billewicz, Edward B. 
1 1 Saunders St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Bindas, Sandra A. 
1 7 Reservoir St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Boie, Michelle H. 
47 Mystic St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Boisse, Paul C. 
240 Lincoln St. A-1 
Marlboro, MA. 01752 

Boissy, Jean-Pierre 
284 Walker St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Beardsley, David 
71 Hillcrest Rd. 
Concord, MA. 01742 

Beattie, Joan L. 
8 Chester Cir. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Beauchemin, Timothy L. 
669 Pleasant St. 
Marlboro, MA. 01752 

Beaudry, Ronald R. 
1 282 Bridge St. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Bechtel, Lorraine V. 
133 Old Meet House Rd. 
E. Falmouth, MA. 02537 

Beck, R. Joseph 
47 Fairview Ave. 
Peabody, MA. 01960 

Beck Jr., Charles E. 
57 Micheal Rd. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Bennett, Edward F. 
1 1 5 Forest St. 
Danvers, MA. 01923 

Benson, Damien C. 
339 Ocean Ave. 
Marblehead, MA. 01945 

Berard, Elaine T. 
4 Westwood Rd. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

erberian, Viola 
259 Lowell St. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Berger, Richard B. 
10 Princeton St. 
Peabody, MA. 01960 

Bergman, Peter R. 
257 Merriam Ave. 
Leominster, MA. 01453 

Bernard, Damian A. 
1 82 Key Rd. 
Holyoke, MA. 01040 

Birmingham, Judith A. 
14 Longwood Dr. 
Andover, MASS. 01810 

Birmingham, Michael W. 
14 Longwood Dr. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Bishop, Robert L. 
1333 Pawtucket Blvd. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Bissen, Richard B. 
1 35 East Main St. 
Westborough, MA. 01581 

Blair, Brenda A. 
17 Greenwood St. 
Amesbury, MASS. 01913 

Blake, Michele A. 
74 Lawrence Rd. 
Medford, MASS. 02155 

Blake, Roberta L. 
21 Kahler Ave. 
Milton, MASS. 02186 

Boisvert, Kenneth R. 
f 1 5 Perry Ave. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

Boldi, David H. 
48 Moffett Rd. 
Lynn, MA. 01905 

Bolduc, John J. 
s§. Silver St. 

:erville, ME. 04901 

Bond, Marianne 
35 Elmwood Ave. 
Natick, MASS. 

Borngen, Cynthia L 
Walnut Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 



Borrelli, Anthon> 
22 Durrell St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Bostiga, Richard H. 
39 Curtis Ave. 
Somerville, MA. 02144 

Beckwith, Debra J 
45 Almont St. 
Maiden, MA. 02148 

Berry, Roberta J. 
3 Hidden Valley Rd. 
Westford, MA. 01886 

Blanchard, Mark L. 
349 Beacon St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Bosworth, Susan A. 
121 Vinnicum Rd. 
Swansea MASS. 02777 

! 1 : 

Botelho, Katherine G. 
995 Riverside Ave. 
Somerset, MASS. 02726 

3romberg, Linda M. 
Treble Cove Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01862 

Jurns, David R. 
55 Scudder Ave. 
Kingston, NY. 12401 

Campanello, Russell J. 
23 School St. 
Saugus, MA. 01906 

Boucher, Brenda E. 
14 Woodman Ave. 
Haverhill, MASS. 10830 

3rooks, Gary T. 
5 Judith Rd. 
Worcester, MA. 01602 

3urns, Shelagh L. 
90 Livingston Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Campbell, Maryalyce 
168 Luce St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Boudreau, Joanne M. 
38 Lynn St. 
Maiden, MASS. 02148 

Brophy, Lawrence F. 
23 Beach St. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Burns Jr., Albert W. 
14 Rockwood St. 
Melrose, MA. 02176 

Campo, Antonio M. 
447 Shawsheen St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 


Bouvier, Anne M. 
42 Stedman St. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Bowden, Gary J. 
80 Marshall St. 
Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Boyle, Steven M. 
50 Conrad St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Brady, Kathleen A. 
1 58 Branch St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Brassard, Leonard M. 
27 Green hurst Ave. 
Fitchburg, MA. 01 420 

Breen, David C. 
1 79 Andover St. 
N. Andover, MA. 011 

Breen, Joseph P. 
36 Ave. B. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Brennan, David A. 
1 09 Fifth Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

Brennan, Ronald E. 
76 Pleasant St. 
Medfield, MA. 02052 

Brostowin, Richard F. 
150 Baldwin Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

Brough, James F. 
64 Grove St. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Brouillette, Diane L. 
122 Branch St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Brown, David 
74 Harvey Ln. 
Whitman, MASS. 02382 

Brown, Margaret M. 
137 Andover Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

Brown, Marie A. 
1 78 Sanborn St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Brown, Mary R. 
33 Kingsbury Ave. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Brown, Robert S. 
59 Ferdinand St. 
Melrose, Ma. 02176 

Buckley, Paul M. 
916 Moody St. 
Waltham, MA. 02154 

Sums Jr., Joseph B. 
14 Crickett Ct. 
No. Haven CT. 06473 

Butler, Donna M. 
85 Main St. 
Byfield, MASS. 01922 

Butler, William D. 
14 A. Sanger St. 
Medford, MASS. 02155 

Buxton, Kim 
P.O. Box 83383 
Groton, MA. 01450 

Byington, Kathleen A. 
6 Stubtoe Ln. 
Sudbury, MASS. 01776 

Byrne, Matthew T. 
1274 Shawsheen St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01 876 

Byrnes, James A. 
51 Elm St. Ext. 
N. Billerica, MASS. 01862 

Cahoon, Cynthia M. 
27 Holton St. 
Danvers, MA. 01923 

Carbone, Joanne M. 
62 Oak St. 
Reading, MASS. 01867 

Cardone, Gary A. 
102 Thornton Rd. 
Waltham, MA. 02154 

Cardoso, Paul J. 
2 Kingston St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Carey, Daniel P. 
35 Nashua Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01862 

Carey, W. Timothy 
1 9 Eastbrook Dr. 
Nashua, NH. 03060 

Cariglia, Michael J. 
1 Castlewood Dr. 
N. Chelmsford, MA. 01863 

Carl i no, Matilde 
1 43 Marshall St. 
Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Carlson, Dennis R. 

I 9 Conway St. 
Worcester, MA. 01607 

Carmichael, Judith A. 

I I Independence Ave. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Jrenner, Terry A. 
117 Adams St. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Burch, Robert H. 
486 Concord St. 
Carlisle, MA. 01741 

Calderan, David E. 
126 Stand ish Rd. 
Lvnn, MA. 01904 

Caron, James M. 
35 Meadowview Rd. 
No. Andover, MASS. 01 845 

3rezinski, Edward R. 
7 Powers Ave. 
Taunton, MA. 02780 

3ritton, Gail M. 
90 Nelson Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Burgio, Joel 
390 Russell St. 
Woburn, MA. 01 

Burhans, Cynthia 
1 Judith Rd. 
Hudson, MA. 01 749 

Calla, Russell S. 
255 Plesant St. 
Winthrop, MA. 02151 

Callahan, Kathleen 
290 Fairmount St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Caron, Paul G. 
8 Lincoln Ter. 
Lewiston, ME. 04240 

Carrison, Robert J. 
57 Littleton Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Brock III, Edward P. 
226 Washington St. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Burke, William M. 
105 Mariposa Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Camann, Philip A. 
4 Amelia Ave. 
Winthrop, MA. 02152 

Carroll, Joseph 
651 Trull Road 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 


Casali, David C. 
59 Holley PI. 
Torrington, CT. 06790 

Charron, Patricia A. 
24 Viola St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Clark, Dale L 
Rt. 22 
Dover Plains, NY 12522 

Connor, Gary S. 
Box 1 1 34 NC U of L 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Cassidy, John C. 
10 Glendale Rd. 

N. Chelmsford, MA. 01863 

Chaves II, Antohny J. 
8 Davis Rd. 
Hudson, MA. 01 749 

Clark, Winston B. 
201 Mystic St. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Connors, Deborah J. 
43 Rumford Pk. Ave. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Catanzaro, Maria P. 
15 Elm St. 
Lawrence, Mass. 01841 

Cherabeih, Maher T. 
1 36 Mt. Vernon St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Clemeno, David J. 
39 Farley Ave. 
Ipswich, MA. 01938 

Connors, Elizabeth M. 
1 63 Atherton Ave. 
Springfield, MASS. 01104 

Cathcart, Evangeline B. 
1 39 Depot Rd. 
Boxford, MA. 01921 

Chevalier, Sally A. 
1 5 Pleasant St. 
Merrimac, MASS. 01860 

Clement, David D. 
Apt. 10 2133 S. Eaton St. 
Denver, COLO. 80227 

Conrad, Michael R. 
34 Marblehead St. 
No. Reading, MASS. 01864 

Cattaneo, Raymond P. 
35 Barry St. 
Quincy, MASS. 02169 

Cavaleri, Frank J. 
576 E. Second St. 
S. Boston, MA. 02127 

Celorier Jr., George M. 
59 Westlake Rd. 
Natick, MA. 01760 

Centauro, Paul 
28 Pope Rd. 
Acton, MA. 01 720 

Chadbourne, Deborah L. 
12 Grasshopper Ln. 
Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Chaff, Donna M. 
131 Exeter St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Chagnon, John J. 
4 Pine Hill Ave. 
Chelmsford, MA. 

Chakkaphak, Preungboon 
1 94 Cohasset St. Apt. 7 
Worcester, MA. 01604 

Champigny, Susan M. 
1 1 Seventh Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Chandonnet, Andre J. 
36 Tilton St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Chaplin, Carolyn J. 
27 Leland Rd. 
Westford, MASS. 01886 

Chapman, John E. 
20 Highland St. 
Wakefield, MA. 01880 

Chibaro, Ronald J. 
65 Brown St. 
Weston, MASS. 02193 

Chisholm, Michael B 
1 1 6 West St. 
Lowell, MASS. 018 

Choiniere, Alan L. 
Box 2172 U of Lowel 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Choo, Tat Y 

1 7-D James St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Khory, Anthony G. 
|JS25 Stone St. I 
Danbury, CT. 06810 

Chory, Susan M. 
10 E. Prospect St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01 844 

Chow, Humphrey W. 
269 Shawmut Avenue 
Boston, MA. 02118 


iristian, Pamela A. 
1555 Main St. 
Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Chui, Wing Leung 
75 Kok Cheung St. 12/F 
Kin Hong Kong 

Chulada, Pamela J. 
442 Howe St. 
ethuen, MASS. 01844 

Ciccone, Michel A. 
510 Spr. Lake Cres. 101 
Virginia Bch, VA. 23451 

Clancy, Eileen P. 
22 Arbor Rd. 
No. Chelmsford, 

Clermont, Michelle L. 
Liberty St. Apt. 4 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Colas, Pamela 
338 Andover Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

Cole, Kathleen A. 
49 Donald Terr. 
Lowell, MASS. 0185 

MASS 01863 

Colella, Gerlad G. 
1 Seventh Ave. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Coleman, Mary B. 
27 Barrows St. 
No. Easton, MASS. 02356 

Coletta, Elizabeth A. 
349 Pawtucket Blvd. A-1 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Colleran, Terri A. 
4 Victor Lane 
E. Falmouth, MA. 02536 

Collette, Paul H. 
P.O. Box 148 
Ashburnham ,MA. 01430 

Comeau, Gary J. 
10 Stover Ln. 
Haverhill, MA. 01830 

Comeau, Stephen L. 
23 Ideal Ave. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Concanon, James G. 
1 Stevens St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Con ley, Kevin P. 
7 Theresa Ave. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Conroy, Maureen 
21 Independence Dr. 
Woburn, MASS. 01801 

Consentino, Laura M. 
1 9 Sheridan St. 
Lawrence, MA. 0184-1 

Conti, M. Proulx 
128 Klondike Ave. 201 
Haverhill, MA. 01830 

Contini, Maurizio 
1 7 Prentiss St. 
Watertown, MA. 02172 

Coolbaugh, Carol J. 
126 Oakridge Dr. 
Ayer, MA. 01432 

Cooper, Kim M. 
13 Boutwell Rd. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Coppola III, Patsy A. 
27 Garland St. 
Everett, MA. 02149 

Corbin, Michael W 
44 Third Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Corcoran, Margo E. 
58 Fifth St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Corcoran, Maureen A. 
67 Whittemore St. 
Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Corman, Linda J. 
4 Cambridge St. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Cormier, Lynn P. 
740 Central St. 
Leominster, MASS. 01453 

Cormier, William E. 
23 Marinel Ave. 
No. Chelmsford. MASS. 01863 

Crites, William G. 
110 Deal Drive 
La Grange. GA. 30240 

Dacunha, Daniel 
1 5 Abbot St. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Delmore, John P. 
51 Gilman Rd. 
Waltham, MASS. 02154 

Constantino, William J. 
GO 7738 E. Lovrnook 
Cincinnati, OH. 45231 

Crocker, Michelle G. 
12 Nesmith St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Daley, Catherine L. 
4 Brian Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Deluca, A. Robert 
Dutton Rd. 
Pelham, NH. 03076 

Costanzo, Anthonv R. 
105 Lake Shore Dr. 
Georgetown, MA. 01830 

Cote, Lynn M. 
247 Forest St. 
N. Andover, MASS. 01845 

Coughlin, Elaine M. 
21 Amherst St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Courage, Daniel R. 
192 High St. 
Ipswich, MA. 01938 

Cox, Linda A. 
33 Jefferson St. 
Laurence, MASS. 01845 

Cox, Pamila D. 
1 15 Hemlock Lane 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Crocker, William H. 
80 Spring Rd. 
Needham, MA. 02194 

Crossland, Timothv J. 
87 Hadley St. 
S. Hadley. MA. 01075 

Croteau, Paulette V. 
28 Arnold St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Crowe, Richard R. 
382 Christian St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

Crowell, Donna J. 
2 Dewolfe Dr. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Culliton, Charles R. 
880 Dennison Dr. 
Southbridge, MA. 01550 


Dargie, Paul P. 
5 Patricia Or. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Darois, Eric L. 
14 Tyler St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Davis, Bary W. 
1 3 Prospect St. 
So. Hamilton, MA. 01982 

Davis, Joseph C. 
5 Smith St. 
well, MASS. 01851 

Deal, Thomas E. 
35 Stanford Rd. 
Wellesley, MA. 02181 

Deangelils, Orlando 
1385 WEiland Rd. 
Rochester, NY. 14626 

Deluca, Debra C. 
1 25 Cambridge St. 
Burlington, MA. 01803 

Demarco, John J. 
4A Dooling Cir. 
Peabody, MA. 01960 

Demeo, Peter J. 
115 W. Main St. 
N. Adams, MA. 01247 

Denecke, Frank C. 

26 Jeannine Rd. 
Bellingham, MA. 02019 

Dennis, Donna A. 
7 Farrwood Dr. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Dentremont, Robert P. 

27 Primrose St. 
Roslindale, MA. 02131 

Crabb, Richard H. 
1 1 Robert St. 
Wakefield, MA. 01880 

Cunha, Elizabeth A. 
5 Holt St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Dee, James F. 
16 Samoset Rd. 
Peabody, MA. 01960 

Depatie, Robert E. 
255 Central St. 
Hudson, MA. 01 749 

Craig, Kenneth R. 
1 9 Lawton St. 
Ludlow, MA. 01056 

Cunningham, Lynn M. 
16 Arbor Rd. 
No. Chelmsford, MASS 01863 

Defillippo, Carmen P. 
88 Myrtle St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Depoian, Jean A. 
61 Stedman St. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 


Craig, Michael P. 
744 Princeton Blvd. A 15 
Lowell, Mass. 01851 

Crawford, Leslie E. 

3 Chase Rd. 
Wilmington, MASS. 01887 

Creegan. Richard M. 
406 Pawtucket St. 
Lowell, MA. 08154 

Crescenzi, Anthony 

4 Roger St. 
Milford, MASS. 01757 

Cresta, James M. 
208 E. Eagle St. 
E. Boston, MA. 02128 

Crimi, Paul V. 
2483 Hilltop Rd. 
Schenectady, NY. 12309 

Curley, Edward T. 
RFD 1 
Marietta, NY. 13110 

Curreri Jr., Anthony J. 
1 3 Clinton Rd. 
Peabody, MA. 01 960 

Currier, Therese L. 
10 Highland Ave. 
Worburn, MASS. 01 801 

Czernienko, George 
63 Totman Rd. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Czyzowski, Janusz Jr. 
671 Rimmon St. 
Manchester, NH. 03102 


Degafie, Yohannes 
777 Merrimack St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01 854 

Degennaro, Mark A. 
583 Kendall Rd. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01 876 

Dejadon, Robin G. 
213 Tenth St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

Delaney, John R. 
8 Balsam Rd. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Delgizzi, Ronald E. 
304 Hanover St. 
Boston, MA. 02113 

Dellafelice, Rodney M. 
572 French St. Apt. C 
LovveJI, MA. 01853 

Deprest, Bruce J. 
64 Gloria St. 
Windsor, CT. 06095 

Derderian, Scott K. 
45 West Street 
Beverly Farms, MA. 01915 

Deroche, Linda M. 
162 Moulton St. 
Rehoboth, MASS. 02769 

Deslauriers, Barry E. 
1 7 Caddell Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Desmarais, Robert M. 
91 Col burn Ave. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Desrosiers, Diana M. 
41 B Harvard Dr. 
Bergenfield, NJ 07621 


Deubert, Richard E. 
20 Singlefoot Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Domoracki, Edward M. 
14 St. Paul St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Duda, David M. 
144 River Rd. 
Agawam, MA. 01001 

Durkin, Brenda A. 
153 Winthrop Ave. 
Lowell, Mass. 01851 

Deveau, Stephen J. 
30 Tanglewood Ave. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Donahue Jr., Bernard J. 
533 Main St. 
Lynnfield, MA. 01940 

Dufault, J. Mark 
Groton St. 
Dunstable, MA. 01827 

Dwyer, Judith R. 
48 Riverside St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Devoe, Catherine I. 
38 Howard St. 
Salem, MASS. 01970 

Donnelly, Annteresa 
60 Canton St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Duffy, Ellen P. 
1 7 Wood I awn Ave. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Dwyer, Robert M. 
48 Riverside St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Deware, Kevin W. 
5 Gelding Rd. 
Chelsmford, MA. 01824 

Dewolfe, Robert W. 

3 Alpha Rd. 
Holden, MA. 01520 

Dickson, Gail E. 
8 Dell Dr. 
Wilmington, MA. 01887 

Dimeo, Lorna E. 
5 Memorial Circle 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Dingman, Dennis D. 
339 Pawtucket Blvd. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Dion, Robin M. 
Atwood Rd. 
Pelham, NH. 03076 

Diorio, Michael J. 

4 Lovett St. 
Beverly, MA. 01915 

Dipalma, David T. 
23 Brooks Rd. 
Sudbury, MA. 01776 

Dipoto, Kenneth J. 
310 Fourth Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Disilvestro, Norma C. 
33 Stanley Rd. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Disler, Michael L. 
9 Princeton St. 
Peabody, MA. 01960 


Donoghue, Rita C. 
380 Pleasant St. 
Winthrop, MA. 02152 

Donovan, Carol A. 

1 5 Pomeworth St. 
SToneham, MASS. 02180 

Donovan, Kathleen A. 
80 County Seat St. 
Hyannis, MASS. 02601 

Donovan, Patricia M. 
36 Eleventh Ave. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Doolan, Jill E. 

52 Amble Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Doran, Deirdre A. 

1 6 Gage Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Dostie, Terrence 
6 Russell St. 
Amesbury, MASS. 01913 

Douglas, Craig D. 
46 Merriam Pkwy. 
Fitchburg, MA. 01420 

Doyle, Matthew J. 
38 Brown St. 
E. Billerica, MA. 01821 

Doyle, Thomas A. 
26 Joseph Read Ln. 
Acton, MA. 01 720 

Doyon, Nancy J. 
30 Morton Rd. 
E. Freetown, MASS. 02717 

Duffy, Thomas A. 
1 75 Hayden Rowe St. 
Hopkinton, MA. 01748 

Dufour, James J. 
6 Pilgrim Rd. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Dufresne, Carol A. 
2 A Western Ave. 
No. Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Dufresne Joseph E. 
239 Oxford St. ^ 
Auburn, MA. 01501 

Dugas, John N. 
2 Lewis Rd. 
Bedford, MA. 01 730 

Duggan, Kevin P. 
9 Hearthstone Dr. 
Burlington, MA. 01803 

Dumont, Debra A. 
Thomdike St. 
Dunstable, MA. 01827 

Duncan, Ruth S. 
87 Pearl Street 
Gardner, MA. 01440 

Dunn, Thomas F. 
8 Johnson Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Dupont, Mark D. 
1 08 Fourth Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Dupree, Daniel J. 
7 Wood row St. 
Hudson, MA. 01749 

Eastham, Mark E. 
1 09 Forest St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Eaton, Alfred H. 
129 N. Lowell St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Edgerton, Bradford H. 
30 Pomeworth St. 
Stoneham, MA. 02180 

Edmiston, Michael D. 
429 Mammonth Rd. 
Londonberry, NH. 03053 

Egan, Kevin P. 
32 Llewellyn Rd. 
W. Newton, MA. 02165 

Eld ridge, Jeffrey A. 
RFD 21 
Lebanon, CT. 06249 

>n, CT. 06 

Elliott, Robert T. 
|59 West St« 
Peppered, MA. 01463 

Elwell, Kirk S. 
83 John Wise Ave. 
Essex, MASS. 01929 

Emery, Thomas L. 
16 Sheffield Ln. 
Florence, MA. 01060 

England, George G. 
P.O. Box 487 
Rye, NH. 03870 

Dixon, Karin R. 
254 Washington St. 
E. Bridgewater, MA. 02333 

Doherty, Dennis J. 
62 Main St. 
Winthrop, MA. 02152 

Drumm, Stephen F. 
23 Barrington PI. 
GT Barrington, MA. 01230 

Duclos, Kenneth B. 
1 1 Gorski Ave. 
Webster, MA. 01570 

Dupuis, Victor S. 
110 State Rd. 
Westminster, MASS. 01473 

Durand, Henry L. 
P.O. Box 1152 
Westford, MA. 01886 

Erwin, Richard C. 
68 Haskell St. 
Westboro, MASS. 01581 

Esdale, Paul |. 
70 Puritan Rd. 
Pembroke, MA. 02359 




Evans, Robert L. 
15 Puritan Rd. 
Pembroke MA. 02359 

Feeney, Michael W. 
130 Ellis Cir. 
S. Weymouth, MA. 01290 

Fitzgerald, Matthew C. 
4 Davis Park 
Plaistow, NH. 03865 

Foster, Ann E. 
702 Fabulous Dr. 
San Antonio, TX. 78216 

Evans, Sandra G. 
510 Merrill Lane 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Felde, Gerald W. 
2450 S. Culpepper St. 
Arlington, VA. 22206 

Fitzgerald, William D. 
55 Pleasant Valley St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Fournier, Marc V. 
54 A. St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Ewing, Christopher A. 
170 Main 
Charlton, MA. 01507 

Ferrante, Robert J. 
6 Jay St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Flake, Marsha L. 
36 Fowler St. 
Dorchester, MASS. 02221 

Frain, Maura E. 
79 Sherman St. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Eyres, Martha A. 
15 Dalton Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Fahey, Joseph M. 
54 Walnut St. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Fairbrother, Diane M. 
P.O. Box 423 
Wilmington, MASS. 01887 

Fairweather II, James S. 
34 Columbia St. 
Wilmington, MA. 01887 

Faitel, Thomas N. 
1 78 Congress Ave. 
Chelsea, MA. 02150 

Fan, Sea 
Kuniv of Lowell Box 1672 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Farmer, Karen A. 
38 Sawyer, Ave. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Farnum, Jeanette L. 
24 Callender St. 
Cambridge, MASS. 02139 

Farrell, William M. 
224 Brown St. 
S. Attleboro, MA. 02703 

Fay, Francis M. 
35 Wellington St. 
Marlboro, MA. 01752 

Ferri, Steven V. 
4 Patriot Rd. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Ferry, Beverly A. 
741 Main St. 
Dighton, MASS. 02715 

Ferullo, John L 
6 True PI. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Fichera, Stephen L. 
22 Louisburgh 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Fidler, Robert J. 
51 Vogel St. 
W. Roxbury, MA. 02132 

Field, Bradford A. 
35 N. Main St. 
Assonet, MA. 02702 

Fields, Roland W. 
54 Mainning Rd. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Filosa, David C. 

1 9 Woodland Ave. 
Milford, MA. 01757 

Finn, Richard E. 

20 Chickering Rd. 
Dedham, MA. 02026 

Fiore, Jane S. 
122 Hanover St. 
Fall River, MASS. 02720 

Fisk, Ronald W. 
Worthington Rd. 
Huntington, MA. 01050 

Flammia, Barbara M. 
25 Garfield Ave. 
Medford, MA. 02155 

Fleming, Kevin 
8 Arthur St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Flibotte, Calla M. 
152 Trull Rd. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Florence, William J. 
24 Seventh St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

Florini, Margaret M. 
Hillcrest Rd. 
Beverly Farms, MASS 01915 

Foley, Gary E. 
4 Brand Ave. 
Wilmington, MA. 01887 

Foley, William J. 
4 Brand Ave. 
Wilmington, MA. 01887 

Foote, Richard C, 
10 Benham St. 
Medford, MA. 02155 

Forbes, Alan H. 
37 Main St. 
Ashby, MA. 01431 

Ford, Nancy E. 
4 Kenwood Rd. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Fortier, Paul J. 
118 S. LoringSt 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Francis, William 
309 Pawtucket Blvd. 
Lowell, Mass 01854 

Franco, Charles C. 
976 Robeson St. 
Fall River MASS 02720 

Francoeur, Paul J. 
39 Horseshoe Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS 01824 

Frappier, Elizabeth 
55 West Fifth Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Frazzetta, John M. 
30 Stuart Av. 
Dracut, MA, 01826 

Fritz III, Edward J. 
21 Cedar Rd. 
N. Hampton, NH. 03862 

Fronzak, Matthew J. 
88 Salem St. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Fuller, Gregory 
37 Linwood St. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Fusco, Robert W. 
106 Greendale St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Gacek Jr., Walter F. 
72 Totman St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Fay, Mark R. 
151 Foster Rd. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Fitts, David W. 
28 Hayes Ave. 
Manchester, NH 03103 

Forziati, Mark V. 
27 Cleveland PI. 
Boston, MA. 02113 

Gadomski, Frederick J. 
72 Ruth St. 
New Bedford, MA. 02744 

Fedele, Francis J. 
10 Roman Rd. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Fitzgerald, Mary M. 
14 Gunnarson Rd. 
Worcester, MASS. 01606 

Fossey, Stephen A. 
1 1 Summer St. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Gagne, Carol A. 
110 Merrill Ln. 12 
Dracut, MA. 01826 


Gagnon, Joanne M. 
1 5 Amherst St. 
N. Chelmsford, MASS 01863 

Gaudet, Ronald W. 
30 Sicard Ave. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Gilbert, Lorin K. 
10 Ruthellen Rd. 
Framingham, MA. 01701 

Grant, Patricia L. 
3 Webb St. 
Braintree, MA. 02184 

Gagnon, Richard A. 
4 Canterbury Way 
Merrimack, NH. 03054 

Gaudette, James E. 
46 1 3th St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Gilbert, Richard D. 
56 Topsfield Rd. 
Boxford, MA. 01921 

Granville, William B. 
341 Ferguson Rd. Ext. 4A 
Freeville, NY. 13068 

Galeski, James S. 
Chace St. 
Bolton, MA. 01 740 

Gaudette, Maureen C. 
9213 Carlson St. 
Laughlin Afb, TX. 78840 

Gilbride, James F. 
4 Hall Place 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Grasso, Louis J. 
90 Beacon St. Apt. 8 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Gallagher, Richard P. 
97 Chandler Dr. 
Marshfield, MA. 02050 

Galvin, Susan M. 
68 Linwood St. 
Maiden, MASS. 02148 

Gannon, John F. 

1 6 Sunset Ave. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Garabedian, George 
Rilford Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01862 

Gardiner, David H. 
Patten PI. 
Kittery, ME. 03904 

Gardner, Patricia M. 
1 26 Astle St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Gargiulo, Charles A. 

1 7 Conlon Terr. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Garnick, Barbara F. 
260 Mansur St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01 

Garofalo, Stephen J 
142 Pine St. 
Natick, MA. 01852 

Garrigan, Mich; 
B. Aire N. Mot. 2800W 8th 
Erie, PA. 01652 

Gath, Susan 
72 Hovey St 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Gaudet, Elaine M. 
29 Easton St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Gaudet, Paul F. 
300 Ames St 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

Gavin Jr., Joseph J. 
5 Elmira Ave. 
Newburyport, MA. 01950 

Gazda, Michael J. 
32 Highland Ave. 
Chicopee, MA. 01013 

Geeks, Dianne L. 
96 Wilson Rd. 
Bedford, MA. 01730 

Geggis, Marie Y. 
34 Old Village Lane 
No. Andover, MA. 01845 

Gendron, Donald J. 
9 Clinton Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Gendron, Donna M. 
140 W. Meadow Rd. 
Lowell, MASS. 01 854 

Gendron, Gail T. 
953 Lakeview Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Gentile, Susan A. 
426 Russell St. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Geoffroy, Jacqueline A. 
94 University Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 | 

Giacchino, Eugene P> 
51 Bradbury Ave. 
Medford, MA. 01255 

Gialopsos, Mary P. 
5 Oloughlin Dr. 
Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Gianotis, Michael J. 
1 1 32 Varnum Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Gibson, Joseph M. 
94 Kenney St. 
Canton, MA. 02021 

Gillis, Michael S. 
99 Read St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Girard, Karen A. 
43 Ponderosa Ave. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Goguen, Brian D. 
4 Winter St. Bx. 371 
Billerica, MA. 01865 

Gonsalves, Michael A. 
81 Whitning St. 
Hingham, MA. 02043 

Gontarz, Gerald H. 
8 Chester Cir. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Goodness, Eileen S. 
8 Bruce St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Goodwin, Michael W. 
1 1 Atherton St. 
Saugus, MA. 01906 

Gorman, Leo T. 
1109 Main St. 
Pittston, PA. 18640 

Grabowski, Mark A. 
70 Grove St. 
Windsor Locks CT. 06096 

Grady, Valerie A. 
600 French St. Exten A. 
Lowell, MA. 01 854 

Graham, Beth I. 
24 Waugh St. No. 8 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Graham, Roberta A. 
96 Arbor Rd. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Granger, Thomas C. 
124 Williams Ave. 
Lynn, MA. 01902 

Gravell, Mark B. 
89 High St. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Graves, Dale E. 
63 Pupkis Rd. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Gray, Alan D. 
36 Winnemay St. 
Natick, MASS. 01760 

Green, Cheryl D. 
67 Eunice Circle 
Wakefield, MASS. 01880 

Green, Kathryn E. 
55 Harvard St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Greenberg, Ellen M. 
25 Mt. Vernon Ave. 
Somerset, MASS. 02726 

nwood, Timot 

Greenwood, Timothy J. 
30 Worthen St. Apt. 6B 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Gregorio, Maria J. 
16 Berwick St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Griffin, John M. 
102 Green St. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Griffin, Louise G. 
262 Hovey St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Griffiths, Joan M. 
21 Heath Rd. 
N. Andover. MA. 01845 

Grigoli, Edward S. 
4 Random Lane 
Andover, MASS. 01810 

Groblewski, Jarrard T. 
43 Christy Ave. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Gronberg, Jean M. 
2 Donegal Circle 
Danvers, MASS. 01923 

Hall, Elizabeth P. 
79 Tewksbury St. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Harrington, Michael J. 
13 Foster Rd. 
Burlington, MA. 01852 

Hibbard, Patricia A. 
1 1 Riverview Ave. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Grondine, Mary E. 
15 Tyngsboro Rd. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Hallinan, David T. 
9 Elm St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Harris, John J. 
145 Po. Square A710 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Hicks, Alan P. 
412 Wilbraham Rd. 
Hampden, MA. 01036 

Gross, Donald L. 
29 School Street 

Northboro, MASS. 01532 

Hames, Robert C. 
27 Roosevelt St. 
Revere, MA. 02151 

Hart, Randall F. 
1 Carroll St. Apt. 2 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Hill, Gregory J. 
21 Thornton Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Grover, John J. 
72 Mattabasset Dr. 
Meriden CT. 06450 

Grunke, Marygayle 
20 Francis St. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Guay, Angela M. 
1 1 Maplewood Ave. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Hamill, Elaine M. 
393 Wilder St. 
Lowell, MASS. 0185 

Hamill, Michael P. 
393 Wilder St. Apt. 4 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Hamilton, Paul S. 
Nashua Rd. 
N. Billerica, MA. 01862 

Haskell III, William E. 
18 Fox Hill Rd. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Hassan, Frederick M. 
43 Morse Ave. 
Brockton, MASS. 02401 

Hatfield, Stanley E. 
27 Pleasant Ave. 
Saugus, MA. 01906 

Hill, Linda P. 
435 Trafton Rd. 
Springfield, MA. 01108 

Hill, Nancy J. 
1 1 Foster St. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Hill, Robert W. 
21 Reo Rd. 
Maynard, MASS. 01 754 

Guernon, Bernice J. 
76 Honora Ave. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Hamilton, Richard W. 
25 Spring St. 
Holbrook, MASS. 02343 

Hayward, Martin W. 
100 Richardson Dr. 
Fitchburg, MA. 01420 

Hines, Cynthia F. 
155 Shaw St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Guerra Jr., Thomas P. 
94 Washington St. 
Mendon, MA. 01756 

Hammond, Gary T. 
North Main St. 
Plaistow, NH. 02865 

Heald, John A. 
3 Sumner St. 
Burlington, MASS. 01803 

Hirsch, Linda S. 
308 Broadway 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Guimond, David P. 
53 Bodwell Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Gunn, Alan E. 
Bx. 261 Bunt Bridge Rd. 
Cookstovvn, Nj. 08511 

Gunson, Dennis J. 
50 Chiswick Rd. 
Cranston, Rl. 02905 

iys, Michael E. 

51 Longmeadow Dr. 

Lowell, MA. 01852 

Haggerty, Mary J. 
252 Fairmount St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Hanif, Abdul 
62 Robbins Street 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Hanlon, Patricia M. 
9 Sprucevvood Rd. 
Wilmington, MASS. 01887 

Hanninen, Michael J. 
1 9 Albert St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Hansberry, Scott P. 
645 Robins Ave. 50 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Harding Jr., Arthur H. 
6 Gedick Rd. 
Brulington, MA. 01803 

Hargreaves, Paul W. 
E. Brookfield Rd. 
N. Brookfield, MA. 01535 

Healy, Sharon R. 
91 Campbell Dr. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Hebert, Richard W. 
4 Highland Terr. 
Danvers, MASS. 01823 

Hellstein, Teresa L. 
117 Llewellyn Dr. 
Westfieid, MASS. 01085 

Hemenway, Philip R. 
86 First St. 
Melrose, MA. 02176 

Hemeon, Joyce P. 
68 Lakeshore Ave. 
Beverly, MASS. 01915 

Hemeon, Mary E. 
70 Baker Ave. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Hoehn, Celeste U. 
36 Berkeley Dr. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Hogan, Donald J. 
390 Mammoth Rd. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Hogan, Francis J. 
1 43 Bishop Dr. 
Framingham, MA. 01701 

Holdsworth, Charles R. 
39 Witham Ave. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Holmes, Lawrence A. 
33 Belmont St. 
Weymouth, MASS. 02188 

Hopkins, Sarah E. 
45 Merritt St. 
Leominster, MA. 01453 

Hagimanolis, George B. 
145 Post Off Sq. B-220 
Lowell, MASS. 01853 

Harmon, Sean S. 
221 B Foster St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Herlin, Nancy E. 
14 Halsey Way 
Natick, MASS. 01760 

Housianitis, Anastasia 
351 Stevens St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Hajjar, Thomas M. 
44 Briggs Ave. 

eld, MA. 01201 

Harmon, Wayne E. 
113 Whittemore St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Herrington, Deborah L. 
31 Royal St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Hubbard III, William J. 
5 Lucille Ave. 
Nabnasset, MA. 01861 


Hudson, John A. 
8 Murray Hill Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Hurd, David B. 
49 Old Billerica Rd. 
Bedford, MA. 01 730 

Hurlbert, Mark B. 
10 Spring Ln. 
Saugus, MA. 01 906 

Hurton, Joan C. 
1.2 Marie St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Husson, Ellen D. 
8 Sanmateo Dr. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Husson, Roseanne 
274 Gibson St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Hutchins, Mark S. 
60 High St. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

lannaccone, Gennaro A. 
733 Progress St. Apt. 1 1 
Blacksburg, VA. 24060 

Imhoff, Brian 
P.O. Box 745 
Acton, MA. 01720 

Isabell, Warren J. 
73 Fifth Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Isherwood, Loreen E. 
825 Merrimack Ave. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Ishrish, Raj K. 
15 Wild wood Ter. 
Mattapoisett, MA. 

Isola, Linda M. 
42 Bellevue St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01 841 


Jackson, Richard A. 
36 Auburn St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Jakoboski, Philip M. 
Cook Hill Rd. 
Lebanon, CT. 06249 

Jamil, Faize 
145 P.O. Sq. Apt. 905 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Janeiro Jr., John J. 
1988 Middlesex Sta-21 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Jarnagin, Kevin E. 
16 Wild wood Rd. 
Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Jenkins, Donna L. 
60 Mt. Vernon St. Apt. 3 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Johnson, Brian K. 
250 Hayward St. ,, 
E. Braintree, MA. 02184 

Johnson, Kathleen M. 
69 Warwick St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

Johnson, Wayne P. 
1 1 Tyler Park 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Jolly, Christopher P. 
5 Norman Place 
W. Nyack NY. 10994 

Joncas, Mark B. 
30 Ridge Rd. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Jones, Derek P. 
8 Whippletree Rd. 
Chelmsfor, MASS. 01824 

Jones, James B. 
247 Foundry St 
S. Easton, MA. 02375 

ones, Victoria A. 
306 Main St. Apt. 3 
Groveland, MASS. 01830 

Joseph, Rosemary 
25 Robinson Ave. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

lost, David N. 
4 William J. Heights 
Framingham, MASS. 01 701 

Jussaume, Michelle G. 
1 74 Wentworth Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Jussaume, Susan M. 
43 Second Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Kafasis, James 
141 Mt. Vernon St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Kalogeropoulos, Peter G. 
383 Hovey St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Kamal, William D. 
5 Westwood Ter. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Kane, Kathleen A. 
1 7 Eustis Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Karon, James A. 
30 South Gateway 
Winchester, MA. 01890 

Kataisto, Jon 
Box 2 Worcester Rd. 
Hubbardston, MA. 01452 

Kaukoranta, Cindy M. 
377 Wilder St. 204 
Lowell, MA, 01854 

Kauppila, Beverly A. 
120 Holden Rd. 
Paxton, MASS. 01612 

Kavouras, Stephanie G. 
181 Mt. Vrenon St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Kawalec, Miroslaw M. 
1 6 Doane St. 
Worcester, MA. 01607 

Keddie, John A. 
42 Central St. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Keefe, Eileen M. 
275 Old Marsh Hill Rd. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Keegan, Brian E. 
64 Charles Diersch St. 
Weymouth, MA. 02189 

Keegan, Elaine M. 
222 Grafton St. 
Shrewsbury, MA. 01545 

Keegan, Kathleen T. 
31 Longfellow St. 
Dorchester, MA. 02122 

Kelley, Charles A. 
Hemlock Road 
Groton, MA. 01450 

Kelliher, Michael J. 
1 03 Sargent St. 
Melrose, MA. 02176 

Kelly, Kevin J. 
63 Elm Street 
W. Townsend, MASS. 01469 

Kemple, Anne F. 
30 Farrow St. 
Winchester, MA. 01890 

Kennington, Paul C. 
1 50 Whitmarsh Ave. 
Worcester, MA. 01606 

Kent, Monica W. 
72 High St. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Keohane, William P. 
29 Mission Rd. 
N. Chelmsford, MASS. 01863 

Kern, Kenneth O. 
24 Meadowbrook Ln. 
Hampden, MA. 01036 

Khan, Mohammad I. 
304 University Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Kicinski, Stephen T. 
25 Highland Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Kiernan, Karen A. 
98 Barbara St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Kimball, Rand R. 
35 Hobson St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

King, Joseph E. 
P.O. Box 478 
Nutting Lake, MA. 01 

Kinnon, Lee A. 
25 Garden St. 
Maiden, MA. 02 

Kirby, Peter R. 
244 Boston Post 
Sudbury, MA. 01 

Kirwin, Judith A. 
20 Wentworth Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 



Klein, Bruce R. 
48 Fellsmere Rd. 
Newton, MA. 02159 

Kotuli, Mary E. 
22 Gile St. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Lambert, James K. 
Mill St. 
Shirley, MA. 01464 

Lau, Sau T. 
572D French St. Ext. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Kleponis, Richard ). 
56 Wescroft Rd. 
Reading, MASS. 01867 

Kuchar, Cheryl L. 
3 Wellington St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Lamport, Edwin K. 
Proctor Rd. 
Townsend, MASS. 01469 

Laurenzo, Estella L. 
1 Baker St. 
Peabody, MA. 01960 

Kleynen, Kevin W. 
288 Salem St. 
Wilmington, MA. 01887 

Kuchar, Gary S. 
710 Jackson St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Lamport, Kenneth D. 
Proctor Rd. 
Townsend, MA. 01469 

Lavigne, Marie E. 
90 Kingston St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Kluk, Eric M. 
330 Mt. Vernon St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Kmon, Michael M. 
Greenwich Rd. 
Ware, MA. 01082 

Knickle, Donald M. 
1 Putnam Rd. 
Bedford, MASS. 01 730 

Knight, Curtis P. 
56 Griffin Terr. 
So. Weymouth, MASS. 02190 

Knight, Lee S. 
63 Billerica Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Knightly, Mary E. 
80 Lexington St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

Knowlton, Gary 
Hemlock Park Dr. 
Groton, MASS. 01450 

Kobelenz, Debora L. 
9 Cathy Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Konovalchick, John 
1608 Westfield St. 
W. Springfield, MA. 01089 

Korb, Charles E. 
60 Dutton St. 
Maiden, MA. 02148 

Kutlowski, Michael J. 
817 Lakeview Ave. Spt. 5 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

Labombard, Brian L. 
510Chadwick Rd. 
Bradford, MA. 01830 

Lachance, Maurice G. 
1 1 Union PI. 
Lynn, MA. 01902 

Lachut, Jayson J. 
1 6 Burt Ave. 
E. Longmeadow, MA. 01028 

Lafreniere, Leon A. 
54 Pratt St. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Laguerre, Daniel E. 
Buckridge Dr. 
Amherst, NH. 03031 

Laham, Mike 
31 Billings Street 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Lai, Peter S. 
572 D French St. Ext. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Lai, Wing-Hun 
4 Brookview Drive 
Pelham, NH 03076 

Landolt, Raymond W. 
5 Archibald St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Lane, Donald G. 
1 5 Wheeler St. 
Gloucester, MA. 01930 

ane, Jeanmarie 
34 Mass Dr. 
Nashua, NH. 03060 

Languirano, David J. 
20 Cold County Rd. 
Saugus, MASS. 01906 

Lantagne, Stephen J. 
295 Pawtucket Blvd. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Larochelle, Raymond E. 
1 1 Stinson Rd. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Larock, Marcia j. 
38 First St. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Laronde, Stephen 
067 Rockridge Rd. 
Waltham, MA. 02154 

Larose, Linda M. 
184 Passaconaway Dr. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Larsson, Carl P. 
83 Sylvan Road 
Whitinsville, MA. 01588 

Lawrence, John B. 
1143 Oxford Sq. 
Evansville, IN. 47710 

Leach, David H. 
140 Willard St. Apt. 17 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Leahy, Kevin E. 
176 W. Wyoming Ave. 
Melrose, MA. 02176 

Leary, Gloria j. 
21 Flint Rd. 
Tyngsboro, MA. 01879 

Lefebvre Jr., Frederick E. 
Lawson Rd. 
Nabnasset, MA. 01861 

Lelacheur, Mary J. 
42 Marriner St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Leman, Janice E. 
744 Princeton Blvd. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Lenox, Raymond W. 
8 Hemlock Dr. 
Lunenburg, MA. 01462 

Leonard, Steven C. 
322 Cox St. 
Hudson, MA. 01749 

Leonessa, Patrizia R. 
1 Gidley St. 
Burlington, MA. 01803 

Komfeld, Welma 
320 Heald Rd. 
Carlisle, MA. 01741 

Korpusik, Neil 
59 Lindall St. 
Danvers, MA. 01 923 

Kosterman, Warren J. 
92 Blossom St. 
Leominster, MA. 01453 


Laing, Norman D. 
145 PO. Sq. Apt. 1201 
Lowell, MA. 10853 

Laite, Susan E. 
52 Mohawk Dr. 
Acton, MASS. 01720 

Lamarche, Marc C. 
216 Bouchard Ave. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Latina, David M. 
8 Clark Cir. 
Bedford, MA. 01730 

Latoszek, Karen H. 
8 Phelps St. 
Salem, MA. 01970 

Latsos, Athanasios 
145 Post Office Sq. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Lepere, Kenneth P. 
1 5 Lynn Fells Prky. 
Melrose, MASS. 02176 

Lester, Amy E. 
25 Harland Rd. 
Waltham, MASS. 02154 

Letendre, Carl R. 
157 Lake St V 
Nashua, NH. 03060 

Letourneau, Gary S. 
19 Sierra Drive 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Loew, Jerry 
33 Warren St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Lydecker, Linda S. 
393 Wilder St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Mahoney, Ellen M. 
4 Doris Rd. 
Acton, MASS. 01720 

Levesque, John P. 
289 Manchester St. 
Fall River, MA. 02721 

Lohnes, Deborah M. 
81 Rock Maple Ave. 
Hamilton, MA. 01936 

Lynch, Bernard F. 
173 Winter St. 
Ashland, MASS. 01721 

Mahoney, Paul J. 
14 Gaywood Circle 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Levine, Steven L. 
77 Washington St. 
Leominster, MA. 01453 

Loiselle, Richard D. 
1 61 Stevens St. A4 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Lyon, Henry D. 
1 5 Shaw St. 
N. Chelmsford, MA. 01863 

Mahoney, Richard F. 
1223 Salem St. 
Maiden, MA. 02148 

Levy, Doreen L. 
344 Broad St. 
Nashua, NH. 03060 

Lombard, Sally A. 
1 1 Myrtle Ave. 
Wakefield, MASS. 01880 

Lyons, Kevin 
2 Dix Rd. 
Maynard, MA. 01 754 

Maille, Brenda P. 
56 Cambridge St. 
Maiden, MA. 02148 

Levy, Steven E. 
20-30 Elk Dr. 
Far Rockaway, NY. 11691 

Lewis, David W. 
22 Sun St. 
Enfield, CT. 06082 

Lewis, Julia E. 

12 Longview Dr. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Li, Kin S. 
572A French St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Lincoln, Matthew C. 

13 Baldwin 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Lindell, Ricky E. 
Coy Hill Rd. 
Warren, MASS. 01083 

Linscott, John R. 
87 Lowell Rd. 
E. Pepperell, MA. 01437 

Lipnoski, William 
1 8 Stearns St. 
Maiden, MA. 02148 

Liponis, Kim 
8 Bradley Rd. 
Andover, MA. 01 8 

Lisowski, John P. 
41 Carroll Dr. 
Westfield, MA. 01085 

Littlefield, Robert W. 
590 Stevens St 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Lombardi, Norman R. 
22 Brooksbie Rd. 
Bedford, MASS. 01730 

Lord, Glen A. 
36 Sparkill St. 
Waltham, MASS. 02154 

Loucraft, Joan M. 
81 Campbell Dr. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Loughlin, Robert H. 
60 Anthony Rd. 
Franklin, MA. 02038 

Loulakis, Cynthia J. 
123 Cross St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Lovell, Judith A. 
5 Pinewood Dr. 
W. Boylston, MA. 01583 

owe, Khoon L. 

53 Child St. 

amaica Plain, MA. 02130 

owe, Mark C. 
537 Marrett Rd. 
Lexington, MA. 02173, 

Lown, Kenneth A. 
9 Mt. Hope St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Lozier, John A. 
20 Rogers Ave. 
Lynn, MA. 01902 

Lui, Napoleon K. 
Box 2397 U of L 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Lysy, John R. 
High St. P.O. Box 357 
Housatonic, MA. 01236 

MacDonald, Gary J. 
P.O. Box 83 
Milton, MA. 02186 

MacDonald, Scott 
27 Couch St. 
Taunton, MA. 02780 

MacDonald, Steven G. 
42 Kent St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Machado, Daniel J. 
80 Sprague Ave. ' 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

MacMillan, Donna L. 

27 Bannister Rd. 
Andover, MASS. 01810 

MacMillan, Sharon L. 
600 Leominster Rd. 
Lunenburg, MA. 01462 

MacShane, Kenneth A. 

28 Sycamore St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Mader, Jeffrey T. 
37 Western Ave. 
Wakefield, MA. 01880 

Mager, Lesley, J. 
59 Pokonoket Ave. 
Sudbury, MASS. 01 776 

Mailloux, Donna M. 
39 Topping Rd. 
Andover, MASS. 01810 

Malatesta, Rosamond E. 
134 A. Old Westford Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01 824 

Malioy, Mary A. 
28 Grayson Rd. 
Winchester, MA. 01 890 

Malioy, Robert A. 
144 Robbins Rd. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Maloney, Colleen / 
W54 Upham St.^ 
Lowell, MASS. 10851 

Mangano, Andrea J. 
7 Fitz St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Mangone, Thomas O. 
4 Morgan Ave. 
Stoneham, MA. 02180 

Manhertz, Earle V. 
1 14 Greenbriar St. 
Dorchester, MA. 02124 

Mann Jr., Francis H. 
25 Dracut St. 
Dorchester, MA. 02124 

anning, Richard J. 
5 Dexter St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Manolis, Nancy N. 
1 6 Grand St. 
Lowell, MASS. 02703 

Livingston, Paul A. 
22 Cliff St. 
Abington, MASS. 02351 

Lussier-Romano, Suzanne 
324 Passaconaway Dr. 
Dracut, MASS 01826 

Maginn, Shirley A. 
1 1 Pasho Rd. 
Billerica, MASS. 01821 

Manoogian, Marcia A. 
1 2 Fifth St. 
Attleboro, MASS. 02703 

Manser, Roger 
56 Falmouth St. 
Belmont, MA. 02178 

Martin, Johnny A. 
P.O. Box 2899 U of L 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

McCracken, Douglas S. 
1 04 Forest Dr. 
Holden, MA. 01520 

Michaud, Ellen M. 
59 Conomo Ave. 
Lynn, MASS. 01904 

Manzi, Anthony P. 
4 Stephen Dr. 
Webster, MA. 01670 

Martino, John A. 
6 Madison Ave. 
Beverly, MA. 01915 

McCue, John F. 
80 Moore St. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Michaud, John R. 
146 Orleans St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Maraganis, Charles A. 
62 1 2th Street 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

Maser, Richard K. 
27 Salem Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01862 

McCusker, James 
31 Drexel Dr. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Michaud, Pauline L. 
23 Dale St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Marangos, Sophia 
7 Mt. Washington St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Mason, Kenneth R. 
186 Mendon St. 
Uxbridge, MA. 01569 

McDevitt, Maureen 
206 Maple St. 
Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Mills, Mark B. 
107 Eastern Ave. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Marcell, Richard F. 
9 Woodland Rd. 
Maiden, MA. 02148 

Marcil, Richard E. 
25 Eagle St. 
Ware, MASS. 01082 

Marino, Lucille M. 
1 64 Beacon St. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Matvichuk, Michael 
79 Tremont St. 
Peabody, MA. 01960 

Mauricio, Manuel N. 
6 Cedar St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01 840 

May, Gordon R. 
95 Rock Glen Rd. 

Medford, MA. 02155 

1 r*r 

McDonald, Douglas B 
Kendall Rd. 
Tyngsboro, MASS. 01879 

McDonald, Joseph F. 
53 Frost Rd. 
Tyngsboro, MA. 01879 

McDonald, Martha L. 
98 Crescent Ave. 
Scituate, MASS. 02066 

Mitchell, Susan K. 
44 Mc Kin ley Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Mitrogogos, Anastasios 
249 Moody St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Mizara, Michael J. 
26 Saint Joseph Dr. 
Nashua, NH. 03060 


Markham, Michael J. 
14 Leighton St. 
E. Pepperell, MA. 01437 

Markham, Stephanie A. 
61 Upland Ave. 
Lunenburg, MA. 01452 

Marotta, John D. 
31 Mountain View Way 
Burlington, MA. 01803 

Marsh, John D. 
1 62 Beverly St. 
N. Andover, MA. 01845 

arshall, Alan E. 
8 Ferry Ave. 
Hudson, NH. 03051 

Martell, Lynda L. 
646 Hale St. 
Prides Crossing, M. 01965 

Martell, Lynda L. 
646 Hale SL 
Prides Crossing M. 01965 

Martin, Anne C. 
1 1 7 Cedar St. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Martin, David F. 
17 Padelford 
Berkley, MA. 02780 

McAnespie, Deborah M. 
6 Middle St. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

McBride, James J. 
209 Perry St. 
Cape May, NJ. 08209 

McCabe, Brian J. 
1 36 Sylvester Ave. 
Winchester, MA. 01890 

McCaffrey, Michael A. 
1 9 Duren Ave. 
Woburn, MASS. 01801 

McCarthy, kevin F. 
710 Jackson St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

McCarthy, Kevin J. 
1 00 Tanglewood Dr. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

McCarthy, Maura J. 
111 Campbell Dr. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

McCluer, Christopher 
27 Washington Dr. 
Acton, MA. 01720 

McCormack, Mildred F. 
3 Con Ion Terrace 
Lowell, MA. 01854 


McDonough, Kevin M. 
459 Beacon St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

McDonough, Michael H. 

14 Highland St. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Messier, Ronald C. 
8 School St. 
Spencer, MA. 01 562 

Messina, Michael E. 
22 Mystic Ave. 
Lynn, MA. 01904 

Metcalf, Kevin B. 
75 Tennyson Rd. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Mezzanotte, David R. 

1 5 Kenney Rd. 
Medfield, MASS. 02052 

Micale, Debra A. 
1 8 Stonewood Ave. 
Stoneham, MASS. 02180 

Michaud, David C. 
38 Plymouth St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Michaud, Elaine M. 
61 Seventh Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Moeller, Mary D. 
Hollis Street 
Dunstable, MASS. 01827 

Moler, Jeffrey E. 
892R Mt. Carmel Ave. 
Hamden, CT. 06518 

Moloney, William F. 
49 Avenue B 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Monroe, Paula J. 
89 Pel ham St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Moore, John B. 
76 Morgan St. 
Melrose, MA. 02176 

Moore, Maureen J. 
24 Andrews St. 
Medford, MASS. 02155 

Moore, Vanessa E. 
1 54 Keyes Rd. 
Westford, MASS. 01886 

Morawski, Joseph G. 
69 Fourth Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Morgan, Pamela J. 
247 Ridge St. 
Winchester, MASS. 01890 

Morgida Jr., Joseph V. 
565 Boston Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

McManus, Peter C. 
226 Old Billerica Rd. 
Bedford, MA. 01 730 

Mellish, Michael T. 
31 August Rd. 
Sudbury, MA. 01776 

Mulligan, James W. 
28 Wentworth Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Morin, Cynthia A. 
19 Maitland Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

McManus, Rena A. 
1 5 Huron St. 
Dracut, MASS. 01 826 

Mendonsa, Anthony M. 
Westford Rd. 
Tyngsboro, MASS. 01879 

Mulligan, Jeanne M. 
6 Sheldon St. 
Billerica Mass. 01821 

Morrison, Dennis A. 
1 Badford Ct. 
Peabody, MA. 01960 

McNair, Stephen E. 
1 7 Curve St. 
Bedford, MA. 01 730 

Mentus, Janet L. 
34 Haverhill St. 
No. Reading, MASS. 01864 

Munyon, William J. 
30 Portland Rd. 
Braintree, MA. 02185 

Morrison, Michael J. 
1982 Middlesex St. 22 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

McNiff, Kathleen M. 
1 06 Beacon St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Mercier, Lowell W. 
9 Second St. 
Worcester, MA. 01602 

Muraco, William T. 
21 Montgomery St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Morrissey, Philip B. 
139 Salem St. 
Wilmington, MA. 01887 

McGann, Judith A. 
16 Gloria Ave. 
Tyngsboro, MA. 01879 

McSpiritt, Andrew J. 
9 Hill St. 
Verona, NJ. 07044 

Mead, Jeffrey 
Elocust St. 
Merrimac, MA. 01860 

Mercuri, George 
1 Kenwood St. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Mertz, Barry D. 
40 Outlook Rd. 
Salem, MASS. 01970 

Murphy, John E. 
1 4th Ave. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Murphy, Margaret M. 
97 A Ferry St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

McGinn, Michael K. 
3 Wild wood Lane 
Stoneham, MA. 02180 

McGovem, Allison M. 
1 1 Esbjurn Dr. 
Rehoboth, MA. 02769 

McGrail, Thomas F. 
56 Putnam Rd. 
Reading, MA. 01857 

Mcintosh, William J. 
186 Charles St. 
Fitchburg, MA. 01420 

McKelvey, Jean A. 
17 Freeman Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

McKeon, Michael E. 
69 Hathaway St. 
N. Adams, MA. 01247 

McLain, David M. 
1 00 Middlesex Ave. 
Wilmington, MA. 01887 

McLain, Marty K. 
310 Old Westford Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Mecewitz, Sherry L. 
25 Paul Revere Rd. 
Acton, MASS. 01720 

Medeiros, George M. 
880 Middlesex TpHe. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

Mee, Francis J. 
44 Pagoda Circle 
Milton, MA. 02186 

Meegan, Robert M. 
56 Stevens St. 
Stoneham, MASS. 02180 

eehan, Harry O. 
9 Sheridan Ave. 
Medford, MA. 02155 

Meehan, Martin T. 
22 London St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

Meeks, John W. 
57 Pleasant St. 
Stoneham, MA. 02180 

Meers, Ronald W. 
1 59 Parsons St. 
Brighton, MA. 02135 

Morse, Paul F. 
16 Elm St. P.O. Box 556 
Townsend, MA. 01469 

Morton, James L. 
277 Maple St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Moschella, Gerard C. 

54 Eastern Ave. 
Revere, MA. 02151 

Mosleh, Ali 
510 Merrill Ln 8 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Moulin, Daniel 
24 Paul Revere Rd. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Mowatt, Allen S. 

55 High St. 
Plainville, MA. 02762 

Mroz, Michael D. 
89 Kearney Dr. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Mullen, Cynthia A. 
4 Joyce St. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Murray, Michael F. 
12 Colby St. 
Bradford, MA. 01830 

Murray, Teresa A. 
3 Richardson Ave 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

Musacchio, Rich 
1 2 Fern Way 
Bedford, MA. 01 730 



Nadeau, Gerard L. 
1075 School St. 
Webster, MASS. 01570 

Nadeau, Paul R. 
99 Seventh Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Naffah, Douglas L. 
65 Congress St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Nahill, Thomas E. 
56 Pleasant St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

McLaughlin, Patricia A. 
21 Dover St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

McMahon, David A. 
1106 Cocklin St 
Mechanicsburg, PA. 1 7055 

Mehan, Brenda C. 
39 Florence Rd. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Mellen, Kathleen A. 
900 Lakeview Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Mullen, Patricia A. 
1 Woodbine Place 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Mulligan, Donald T. 
558 Concord St. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Nassif, Kathleen F. 
515 Mt. Vernon St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Nastasia, Elaine M. 
18 Stedman St. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Natsios, Valerie 
15 Arkansas Dr. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

O'Connell, Cornelius R. 
632 School St. 
Stroughton, MA. 02072 

Ormiston, James J. 
124 Highland Ave. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Parris, Sandra C. 
307 Pawtucket Blvd. A30 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Nche, Pierre E. 
9 Plymouth St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

O'Connell, William T. 
147 First St. 
Melrose, MA. 02176 

Ormord, James N. 
340 Linwood St. 
Lynn, MA. 01905 

Parsons, Douglas A. 
4E Roberts Ave. 
Massapequa, NY 11758 

Neal, David C. 
413 Judd St. 
Fairfield, CT. 06430 

Nickerson, Stephen R. 
14 Adelaide St. 
Jamaica Plain, MA. 02130 

Nigra Jr., Arthur R. 
77 Sturges Rd. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Noga, Thomas J. 
64 Rzasa Drive 
Chicopee, MA. 01013 

Nohelty, Kevin 
30 N. Federal St. 
Lynn, MA. 019 

Nolan Jr., Arthur J. 
96 Chapel St. 
Norwood, MA. 02062 

osek, Daniel J. 
455 Harvard Rd. 
Lancaster, MA. 01 523 


Noseworthy, Virginia 
56 Maple St. 
Randolph, MASS. 02368 

Novak, Michael E. 
9 Spruce St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Noyes, John R. 
24 Sandra Drive 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824J 

Nutter, Walter G. 
59 Kenwood Rd. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Jystrom, Steven R. 
6 Mill Lane 
Littleton, MA. 01460 

O'Connor, Joseph M. 

4 Mayflower Rd. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

O'Connor, Michele J. 

5 Milton St. 
Cambridge, MASS. 02140 

O'Connor, Thomas A. 
170 Lowell St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Osborn, Stephen G. 
46 Lura St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Pacella Jr., Anthony J. 
22 Gardner Way 
Dedham, MA. 02026 

O'Dea, Michael J. 
11 Pilgrim Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01 824 

O'Donnell, Maurice G. 
835 South St. 
Boston, MA. 02131 

O'Dowd, Mary L. 
33 WarnockSt. 
Lowell, MASS. 01852 

O'Hara, Michael J. 
1 Orlando Ave. 
Winthrop, MA. 02152 

O'Leary, David W. 
6 Chapel Rd. 
Danvers, MA. 01923 

Oliver, Deborah T. 
166 Derby Rd. 
Melrose, MASS 02176 

Oliviere, Thomas E. 
42 Linnea Ave. 
Brockton, MA. 02401 

Olsson, Ranodlph C. 
8 Ray Hill Dr. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

O'Neil, Matthew C. 
1 Dexter St. 
Haverhill, MA. 01830 

O'Neil, Richard F. 
4 Myrtle Ave. 
Nabnasset, MASS. 01861 

Pacione, Cynthia A. 
140 Woodland St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

Palermo, Rudolph J. 
1 1 1 Larch Dr. 
New Hyde Park, NY 1 1040 

Palm, Richard K. 
1 2 Westwood Rd. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Palmerino, Michael A. 
45 Circle Dr. 
Waltham, MA. 02154 

Palo, Donald A. 
1006 Ashburnham St. 
Fitchburg, MA. 01420 

Partny, John S. 
768 Merrimack St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Paolino, Carla M. 
27 Erhardt Terr. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Pappas, Themia A. 
38 Middlesex St. 
No. Chelmsford, MA. 01863 

Paquette, Michael T. 
25 Whippletree Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Parigian, Edward C. 
73 Alcott St. 
Lowell, MA. 01852 

Parsons, Steven R. 
11 Willard Rd. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Passler, Kathy D. 
29 Cornish St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

Paton, James B. 
1147 Mass Ave. 
Lunenburg, MA. 01462 

Patterson, Jeffrey E. 
261 Stack Pole St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Paul, Norman D. 
59 Elm St. 
N. Uxbridge, MA. 01538 

Pedi, Anthony D. 
273 Park Ave. 
Revere, MA. 02151 

Pedranti, John P. 
265 Common St. 
Quincy, MA. 02169 

Pehl Jr., John S. 
51 Naples Rd. 
Haverhill, MA. 01830 

Pellerin, Diane M. 
263 Bailey St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Pelletier, Thomas J. 
10 Pilgrim Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Pender, Kathleen M. 
38 Emery St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Penerian, Paul W. 
24 Crystal St. 
Wakefield, MA. 01880 

Peregrim, Kevin F. 
78 Hayes Dr. 
Milford, CT. 06460 

v 01852 


Onusseit, Donald N. 
33 Barrows Rd. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Parker, James J. 
46 Concord Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

Perry, John G. 
79 High St. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Peterson, Collette P. 
321 Hildreth St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Plum, Charles P. 
19 Ash wood Rd. 
Lynn, MA. 01904 

Provasoli, Cheryl A. 
30 High St. 
Ballardvale, MA. 01810 

Ratcliffe, Janet L. 
70 Tower St. 
Metheun, MA. 01844 

Peterson, Iver C. 
91 Ennis Rd. 
N. Oxford, MA. 01537 

Plummer, Donald K. 
193 Sylvan St. 
Maiden, MA. 02148 

Pulsinelli, Gary S. 
61 Eugene St. 
Leominster, MA. 01453 

Rauseo, James L. 
10 Lloyd Rd. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Petteruti, Kathleen M. 
1 5 Mt. Auburn St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Petto, David M. 
145 Beech Ave. 
Melrose, MASS. 02176 

Petullo, Colleen F. 
Box 1490 Rd. 2 Hunt Rd. 
Kingston, NH. 03848 

Phelan, Thomas R. 
251 Fox Hill Rd. 
Burlington, MASS. 01803 

Phelan Jr., Paul A. 
42 Greenwood St. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Picardo, Stephen R. 
158 Bedford Rd. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Piekarski Jr., William F. 
839 R-Nashua Rd. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Piela, Richard A. 
100 Mathieu Dr. 
Chicopee, MA. 01020 


Poirier, Bruce A. 
4 Hazelwood Apt. 1 7 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Polizotti, Carol A. 
86 Greenwood Rd. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Polizzotti, Barbara Ann 
4 Greenhalge St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Pollock, Stephen M. 
103 Hart St. Bg. 4 A 101 
Taunton, MA. 02780 


Pierce, Karen E. 
86 Winona St. 

Peabody, MASS. 01960 

Pierzynski Jr., John P. 
60 Rock St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 


Pinard, John P. 
32 Walker St. 
owell, MA. 0185 

Pintabone, Phyllis j. 
474 Lexington, St. 
Waltham, MASS. 02154 

Pirrello Jr., Michael A. 
51 Boston Ave. 
Somerville, MA. 02144 

Pistorino, Thomas 
41 Joyce Rd. 
Wayland, MA. 

Pope Karen L. 
14 Country Club Dr. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Porter, Raymond C. 
82 Temple St. 
Gardner, MA. 01440 

Potvin, Carol R. 
89 Everett St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Powderly Jr., Charles F. 
104 Washington St. 
Norwood, MA. 02062 

Powers, James E. 
337 Bunker Hill St. 
Charlestown, MA. 02129 

Powers, Richard L. 
11 S. Oliver 
Tewksbury, MA. 0187 

Powers Jr., Ernest F 
6 Lindaver St. 
Peabody, MA. 0196i 

Prophet, Margaret E. 
261 HilldaleAve. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Proulx, Linda A. 
501 Textile Ave. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Proulx, Thomas G. 
43 Huron Ave. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Quinlan, Noreen A. 
25 Salem St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Quinlan, Vera A. 
55 W. Jenness St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Quinn, Michael J. 
5 Brooks St. 
Medford, MA. 02155 

Quinn Jr., Richard E 
140 Central St. 
Rowley, MA. 0195 

Quintal, Thomas J 
414 Summer St. 
No. Andover, MASS. 01845 

Radicchi, Nanci M. 

81 Lynn St. Apt. 4 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Ragland, Standolyn 
145 P.O. Off. Sq. A1405 
Lowell, MASS. 01853 

Ragonese, Michael A. 
1 50 Greene St. 
Hopedale, MA. 01 747 

Raines, Larry 
71 Bowdoin Ave. 
Dorcester, MASS. 02121 

Ramey, Mary Anne 

82 Genesee St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Rancourt, Peter A. 
67 Chestnut St. 
Spencer, MA. 01 562 

Randazzo, Joseph V. 
581 Highland Ave. 
Maiden, MASS. 02148 

Ranshaw, Colleen W. 
344 Merrimac St. 
Newburyport, MA. 01950 

Ray, Kevin D. 
1 4 Lawrence St. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Rayna, Kenneth R. 
N. Main St. 
Stewartsville, NJ. 08886 

Reese, Brenda A. 
Fredonian St. 
Shirley, MASS. 01464 

Regan, Timothy L. 
18 Pine St. 
Hudson, MA. 01749 

Regan Jr., Joseph M. 
23 Harris Ave. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Reilly, Patricia L. 

23 Green leaf St. 
Haverhill, MA. 01830 

Reitano, Paul D. 
116 Colonial Rd. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Renaud, Valerie C. 

24 Waugh St. No. 8 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Ribaudo Jr., Philip J. 
63 Andover Rd. 
Windsor Locks, CT. 06096 

Riccio, Jean M. 
69 Lexington St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01841 

Rich, Brian E. 
60 Central St. 
Saugus, MA. 01906 

Richard, Bernard J. 
Simpson St. 
Sturbridge, MA. 01566 

Richards Jr., Leonard R. 
12 Buchman Dr. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Ries, Richard A. 
78 Chard St. 
E. Weymouth, MA. 02189 

Riley, Harr\ L. 
C O Goodman 1 1 Temple Rd. 
Lvnnfield, MA. 01940 

Rowe. Marguerite L. 
375 N. Billerica Rd. 
Tewksburv. MA. 01876 

Sandefur. Marc D. 
4 Donna Rd. 
Andover, MA. 01810 

Schneider, John 
Mt. Vernon. NH. 03057 

Ringwood Jr., James D. 
95 Dunstable Rd. 
No. Chelmsford, MASS. 01863 

Ro\. Robert F. 
18 Early St. 
Spencer, MA. 01562 

Sanders. Francis A. 
90 Flames Rd. Bx. 842 
Marshfield, MASS. 02050 

Scott. Donald F. 
319 Fairmount St. 
Lowell. MA. 01852 

Ripsom, Margaret R. 
33 Porter Rd. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Roy. Robert C. 
66 Willard St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Santerre, Glenn A. 
Forest St. 
Wilton. NH. 03086 

Seaver, Edward J. 
86 School St. 
Milford, MA. 0175: 

Rivera, Vielca R. 
Box 307 Groton Rd. 
Shirley, MA. 01464 

Robbins. Peter J. 
River Rd. 
Dunstable, MA. 01 827 

Robblee, William M. 
56 Canton St. 
Randolph. MA. 02368 

Roberge Benjamin P. 
90 Sylvester St. 
Lawrence. MA. 01843 

Roberge. David F. 
62 South St. 
Leominster, MA. 01453 

Robertson, Peter D. 
C O Grod. Doughty Bx. 145 
W. Paris.. ME. 04289 

Robinson, Anthonv 
409 School St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Rocha. Edward T. 
730 Lawrence Street 
Lowell, MA. 01842 

Rondina, Joseph 
22 Rockwood Terrace 
Newton, MA. 02166 

Rose, Loretta A. 
30 Riverdaie Rd. 
Billerica, MASS. 01821 

Rover. Gerald E 
105 11th St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01850 

Ruddemam. Susan M. 
1 5 Manahan St. 

3rd, MA. 01824 

Ruetenik, George A. 
16 Hemlock Lane 
Bedford, MA. 01730 

Rutkowski, Charles J. 
Main Street 
Philmont, NY. 12565 

Lowell, MA. 01852 

Saba. Susan 
33 Dunbar Sve. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Sackos, Susan C. 
46 Shawsheen Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

Sadowski, Rosann M. 
7 Forest St. 
Wilmington, MASS. Oil 

Sage, Waneta L. 

1 3 Lin lew St. Apt. 6 
Derry. NH. 03038 

Santos, Robert S. 
25 Corbett St. 
Lowell. MA. 01852 

Santos. Sharon L. 
209 Division Rd. 
V\ estport, MA. 02790 


Sargent, Christopher O. 
15 Kensington Dr. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

vage. Sheryl S. 

Mammoth Rd. 
owell, MA. 01854 

Savastano, Michael L. 
4 Lowell Ter. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Sawicki, Patricia H. 
21 Barr St. 
Salem, MASS. 01970 

Scanlon T. Eugene 
62 Ledgelawn Ave. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Scarvalas, Gary J. 
29 Waltham St. 
Woburn, MA. 01 801 

Scenna, Robert V. 
68 Adams St. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Schaller. Diane E. 
53 Nason Hill Rd. 
Sherborn, MA. 01770 

Senecal. Patricia M. 
53 Mason St. 
Hudson. MASS. 01749 

Serabian. Michael P. 
28 Berkelev Dr. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

Sevigny, Susan A. 
82 Litchfield Ave. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

Shanahan, Margaret C. 
26 Eleventh St. 
Low-ell, MASS. 01850 

Shanahan, William F. 
26 Eleventh St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Shank, Todd R. 
Bx. 193 Csted. St. Croix 
US Virgin Island 00820 

Shapiro, Robert M. 
6 Shagbark Rd. 
Concord, MASS. 01742 

Shaughnessy. Elizabeth A. 
Gregory Hill Rd. 
Princeton, MASS. 01541 

Shea, Nadine E. 
11 Forge Village Rd. 
Westford, MA. 01886 

Shea, William J. 
Tevvksbury Hosp. East St. 
Tewksburv, MA. 01876 

Rosenkrans, William E. 
31 D Garden Dr. 
Manchester, CT. 06040 

Sakelarios, Angelos D. 
1 66 Stevens St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Schermerhorn. Mark B. 
14 Roberst Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

Sheehy, Joanne L. 
74 Lafayette St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Roux, Lois A. 
81 Pleasant St. 
Tewksburv, MA. 01876 

Salerno, Catherine M. 
32 Anthom Rd. 
Tewksbur\, MASS. 01876 

Schmidt, Robert W. 
207 Rolling Acres Rd. 
Lunenburg, MASS. 01462 

Shepherd, Ronald \\ ! . 
209 Bouchard Ave. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Rowe, David R. 

-- St. 

A. 0191 


Samiotes, Charles G. 
18 Winton St. 
Roslindale, MA. 02131 

Schneider, Elizabeth 
63 Highland Rd. 
Andover, MASS. 01810 

Sherpev II, James T. 
1 2 Pratt St. 
Reading. MA. 0186; 

Shogry, Kathryn E. 
351 South St. 
Pittsfield, MASS. 01201 

Siu, Kamwing 
572D. French St. 
Lowell, MASS. 0185 

Spagnolo, Anne M. 
629 Pearl St. 
Brocton, MA. 02401 

Stonge, Richard J. 
25 Jennie Dugan Rd. 
Concord, MA. 01 742 

Shraiman, Boris I. 
U of Lowell Box 2672 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Skinner, Gail L. 
159 Olive Ave. 
Lawrence, MA. 01841 

Spear, Dianne L. 
48 Burlington Ave. 
Wilmington, MA. 01887 

Stopyra, Edward J. 
118 First St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Silk, James D. 
15 Varnum Terr. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Slavit, Richard A. 
72 Coffin Ave. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Spencer, James R. 
87 1/2 Winn St. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Stowell, Mary J. 
867 Stevens St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Silliker, Maureen J. 
1 Clenvale Ave. 
Pinehurst, MASS. 01866 

Slawson, Robert S. 
43 Saville Ave. 
Quincy, MA. 02169 

Spirkowyc, Paul A. 
399 Greenwood St. 
Millbury, MA. 01527 

Strasser, Jan is L. 
1 9 Bay State Ave. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Silva, Lisa A. 
76 So. Bowdoin St. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01 843 

Simeone, Raymond J. 
140 Mishawum Rd. 
Woburn, MA. 01801 

Simoneau, David E 
237 Lake St. 
Nashua, NH. 03 

Singletary, Ronald L. 
7 Slayton Way 
Roxbury, MA. 02119 

Siopes, Demetra 
389 Marbleridge Rd. 
No. Andover, MASS. 01845 

Siopes, Susan L. 
62 Laurie Lane 
Lowell, MA. 01854 


Sletten, Robert j. 
106 Nagog Hill Rd. 
Acton, MA. 01 720 

Stoban Jr., Frederick H. 
29 Church St. 
Merrimac, MA. 01860 

Smardz, Elizabeth W. 
1 Davis St. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Smith, Edward J. 
55 Tibbetstown Way 
Charleston, MA. 02129 

Smith, Gregory L. 
165 GoodaleSt. 
W. Boylston, MA. 01583 

Smith, Kevin W. 
52 Mt. Pleasant St. 
Westboro, MASS. 01581 

Spoerri, Anna L. 
6 Suzanne Rd. 
Lexington, MASS. 02173 

Spokus, Larry P. 
22: Moreland St. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Squires, Robert S. 
209 Montvale Ave. 
Woburn, MASS. 01801 

Standley, William F. 
55 Chase St. 
Danvers, MA. 01923 

Stanganelli, Joseph S. 
83 Anderson Dr. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Steeves, Rita M. 
68 Vernon St. 
Somerville, MA. 02145 

Straw, Marilyn H. 
57 Chadwick Rd. 
Haverhill, MASS. 01830 

Strazzere, Joseph S. 
8 Wentworth Dr. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

Struzziero, Anne C 
1 1 Moors Circle 
Scituate, MA. 0206 

Stupakewicz, Clara E 
321 W. Meadow Ri 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Sturrock, Jeanne P. 
16 Larkin Rd. 
Medford, MA. 02155 

Sullivan, Bernard F. 
1 35 North St. 
Fitchburg, MA. 01420 

Sirois, Cynthia A. 
339 So. Broadway St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Sirois, Robert J. 
8 Ash St. 
Concord, MA. 01 742 

Siroonian, Geary C. 
199 Mt. Vernon Rd. 
W. Weymouth, MA. 02 1 1 

Sisovsky, Carol J. 
630 Russell Snow Dr. 
Rivervale, NJ. 07675 


Smith, Leslie A. 
105 Sherwood Dr. 
Sterling Jet., MA. 01 565 

Snook, Deborah A. 
932 South St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Solon, Margaret D. 
22 Dirlam Circle 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

Soubosky, Diane M. 
5 Snow Drive 
Westford, MA. 01886 

Stella, Joseph D. 
164 Bennington St. 
E. Boston, MA. 02128 

Stevens, Catherine A. 
549 Old Post Rd. 
Walpole, MASS. 02081 

Stevenson, Gordon C. 
61 Pearl St. 
Woburn, MASS. 01801 

Steward, Robert E. 
31 Garden Rd. 
Concord, MA. 01742 

Sullivan, Joan P. 
30 Emily St!w 
Haverhill, MA. 01830 

Sullivan, Karen A. 
32 Lura St. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

n, Patricia A 
30 Berry Rd. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Sullivan, Robert M. 
35 Dunshire Dr. 
N. Chelmsford, MA. 01863 

Sisovsky, Patricia R. 
630 Russel Snow Dr. 
Rivervale, NJ. 07675 

Soucy, Cynthia C. 
1 00 Lake Shore Dr. 
Dracut, MA. 01826 

Stewart, Peter W. 
Lovett Rd. 
Oxford, MA. 01540 

Sullivan Jr., William G. 
5 Highland View Ave. 
Winchester, MA. 01890 

Sittler, Carla E. 
4 Manwell Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

Sousa, Lori A. 
45 Green St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Stockdale, Patricia J. 
West Point Rd. 
Webster, MA. 01570 

Sutton, George D. 
22 Lila Ave. 
Medford, MASS. 02155 

Sweeney, Christine M. 
213 Central St. 

Framingham, MA. 01701 

Sweeney, Donna M. 
N. Blvd. 73rd St. Plum Is. 
Newburyport, MA. 01950 

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44 Newfield St. 
No. Chelmsford, MA. 01863 

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568 North St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

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26 Woodland St. 
Sherborn, MA. 01770 

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124 Summer St. 

Somerville, MA. 02143 

Thibault, Nancy E. 
2 Hudson St. 
Methuen, MASS. 01844 

Thibodeau, Louise M. 
229 Fourth Ave. 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 


Taishoff, Mark S. 
138 Burlington St. 
Lexington, MA. 02173 

Taratuta, Victor G. 
50 St. Paul St. Apt. 4 
Brookline, MA. 02135 

Tarbox, Melody C. 
19 Upland Rd. 
Arlington, MASS. 02174 

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3 AIGonquin Rd. 
Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

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Lakeville, MASS. 02346 

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Methuen, MA. 01844 

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New Bedford, MASS. 02740 

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Lunenburg, MA. 01462 

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1 42 Dracut St. 

Lawrence, MA. 01 843 

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Simsbury, CT. 05070 

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Dracut, MA. 01 826 

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E. Weymouth, MA. 02189 

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Lowell, MA. 01852 

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Pittsfield. MA. 01201 

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E. Greenwich Rl. 02818 

Traegde, Kenath O. 
Willow Cove 
Tyngsboro, MA. 01879 

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Tewksbury, MASS. 01876 

Tremblay, Donna J. 
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Lawrence, MASS. 01 843 

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Tremblay, Richard J. 
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Billerica, MA. 01821 

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Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

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Concord Rd. Billerica Rd. 
Billerica, MA. 01821 

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Dracut, MA. 01826 

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Lowell, MASS. 01851 

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Chelmsford, MASS. 01824 

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Woburn, MASS. 01801 

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Methuen, MASS. 01844 

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Methuen, MASS. 01844 


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Lowell, MA. 01854 


Vacca, David G. 

110 Van Norden Rd. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

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11 Fair St. 
Uxbridge, MASS. 01569 

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90 B. Street 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

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Salem, NH. 03079 

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Lowell, MASS. 01854 

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Cohasset, MA. 02025 

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Quincy, MA. 02169 

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66 Wilson St. 
No. Billerica, MA. 01862 

Towey, Thomas P. 
51 Glendale Ave. 
Peabody, MASS. 01 960 

Tuttle, George F. 
P.O. Box 777 
Acton, MA. 01720 

Vietra, Robert D. 
4 Flagg Rd. 
Acton, MA. 01 720 


Vinik, Thomas W. 
1914 E. Lillian Ln. 
Arlington, Hgts. II. 60004 

Webb, James 
685 Broadway Lot 6 
Maiden, MA. 02148 

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1 77 Mt. Vernon St. 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

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665 Lewis St. 
Woodbridge, NJ. 07095 

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Methuen, MA. 01844 

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Woburn, MA. 01801 

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134 N. Policy St. 
Salem, NH. 03079 

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Norwood, MA. 02062 

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Reading, MA. 01867 

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Box 1910 U of Lowell 
Lowell, MASS. 01 854 

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420 South St. 
Reading, MA. 01867 

Webster, Minerva 
5B Lest. Gdns. Leicester 
Auburn, MA. 01501 



Waddicor, Kenneth L. 
89 Stoney Hill Rd. 
Swansea, MA. 02777 

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87 Highland Blvd. 
Keansburg, NJ. 07734 

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So. Weymouth, M 

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Lawrence, MA. 01843 

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Lawrence, MA. 01841 

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Southboro, MASS. 01772 

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Box 704 
Marshfield, MA. 02050 

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20 Dike Ct. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

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Barberry Lane 
Haverhill, MA. 01830 

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Bedford, MA. 01 730 

Wentworth Jr., Robert E. 
71 Savage 
Haverhill, MA. 01830 

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Forestville, CT. 06010 

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Brighton, MASS. 02135 

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Lexington, MA. 02372 

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1 045 Andover St. 
Tewksbury, MA. 01876 

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89 Old Marsh Hill Rd. 
Dracut, MASS. 01826 

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1 1 Grand Passway 
Wakefield, MASS. 01880 

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Bedford, MA. 01 730 

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16 Windsor St. 
Chelmsford, MA. 01824 

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Manchester, MA. 01994 

Williams, Scott W. 
19 Eaton Rd. 
Framingham, MA. 01701 

Willis, Steven G. 
1 1 6 Arborway Dr. 
E. Braintree, MA. 02184 

Wilmot, Jeanne M. 
38 Charlemont Ct. 
N. Chelmsford, MA. 01863 

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7 Kimball Rd. 
Methuen, MASSI. 01844 

Winter, Mark K. 
18 Felice Rd. 
Bristol, CT. 06010 

Witts, Gary J. 
203 Campbell Dr. 
Lowell, MASS. 01851 

Wojtas, John S. 
310 Oak St. 
Methuen, MA. 01844 

Wong, Wymond W. 
Box 2877 U of Lowell 
Lowell, MASS. 01854 

Worthen, Richard F. 
163 Ipswich Rd. 
Topsfield, MA. 01983 

Wright, Beth A. 
45 Waverly Rd. 
No. Andover, MASS. 01845 

Wright, Kim J. 
4 Westwood Terr. 
Lawrence, MASS. 01843 

Wybieralla, George A. 
61 Phillip Cir. 
Waltham, MA. 02154 

Yeadon, Barry J. 
99 Lexington St. 
Burlington, MA. 01803 

Yeo, Deborah A. 
38 Sachem St. 
Billerica, MASS. 01821 

Young, Ronald W. 
1 343 Pawtucket Blvd. A32 
Lowell, MA. 01854 

Zahka Jr., Edward A. 
74 Egerton Rd. 
Arlington, MA. 02174 

Zamanakos, James P. 
214 Gibson St. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Zappulla, Robert J. 
65 Spring Lane 
West Yarmouth, MA. 02673 

Zeller, Gayle S. 
180 Princeton Blvd. 
Lowell, MA. 01851 

Zephir, David E. 
41 Boutelle St. 
Leominster, MA. 01453 

?inchuk, Michael P. 
Glen wood Rd. 
Franklin, MA. 02038 

Zingarelli, Carol A. 
1 4 Bancroft Ave. 
Wakefield, MA. 01880 

Ziogas, Steven 
31 Vernon St. 
Lowell, MA. 01850 

Yameen, Alan L. 
42 Eaton St. 
Lawrence, MA. 01843 

Znoj, Edward W. 
432 Broadway 
Chicopee, MA. 01020 

Zygilewicz, John D. 
246 Main St. 
Otter River, MASS. 01436 




' e »t t 





fce. a S 


3 e*f i-rf^^r-jssr-* v 


fe r «> s °>^- 


n^s ^ -" . ^^j&^s*?i^r c> 





■i-y ■ ■* 



%> 3 _ ; 

V Prtt - \J\,[wjl Lo^cLcaC 
.Ad-ViicT- "Pf. O. Picv-tc 






&!> C_n ^fBliaJt of <ft 

iVi i/icUcjK^i to achi« 

Q^i ~b> <rr \r. -le. i^ht^ - 
^fe. uJ fO-i T>x. c^evi n'fu. 

tn.ia3 attest 6fi<«Joi.rt ; 

GtVkA 1^0-^je. i>tv_c£e tnirz 




American Meteoro logical S ociety 'TZoc.Ts 

The Student Cahpter of the American Meteorological 
Society is a professional organization designed to aid the 
students of hte meteorology program in attaining their schol- 
astic and occupational goals in the field of meteorology. 
Meetings are held monthly throughout the academic year at 
which students and frequent guest speakers discuss topics of 
both interest and controversy. Elections are held each spring 
to designate the offices of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, 
and Treasurer for the following year. The Chapter is open 
to , and encourages involvement by all students of the depart- 
ment of meteorology. 

Membership for the 1977- 1978 academic year was: 
Frederick Gad omskis Chairman, Michael Matvichukt Secretary, 
Bruce DePrest; Treasurer, William Kamal, Brad Field, Michael 
Palmerino, Raymond Porter, Andrew Timbie, Douglas Webster, 
Stephen Reilly, Richard Soucy, Donald Pompelia, William 
Babcock, Edward Goodreau, Christopher Cuoco, Kenneth Lloyd, 
Peter Rice , Aram Haroutunian, Walter Miller, and Leonard 

Thank you, 

Michael Matvichuk 


Ve fl * 

e °ok: 

uun, "J J 

vsi&- k~EUJ i AS* (OiTD lec^ 


cnar^^Xce ?£"**»&.** ?»£$&£ £• **o 
aoais' ^cXo se ^e S . xr prosP* ce Te age °*J ©os* ^^ieB. vis^'^e 

VeW^' r T^ C f it Col^ W orr^er 

?ie d fl off ^ cer i 



%>U>*l4^ To ' ^ 

°7 ** 

6 <,o°^ 

3 ^vt % .«* .^ -?5> 

«;^. <> 


















The academic year of 1977-1978 is one the 
country will remember as a year of modera- 
tion, with fewer demonstrations and revolts. Stu- 
dents seem to have mellowed, and they are more 
concerned with the business of scholastic 
achievement. There is however, one group that 
has just awakened and begun their battle for equal- 
ity. Students with physical disabilities wishing to 
continue their education and attend college have 
traditionally been discouraged from doing so by 
the indifferent and often very negative attitudes of 
University Administration. This years awakening 
has come on the heels of Sec. 504 of the Voc- 
Rehab Act of '73, a federal law that became effec- 
tive this year. It has been called the "Handicapped 
Bill of Rights," and states simply that no otherwise 
qualified handicapped person should be excluded 
from receiving federal assistance. Section 504 has 
been the tool that has opened many closed doors 
for the handicapped. 

Here at the University of Lowell things were 
quite different: even before they were federally 
mandated to do so, they willingly accepted hand- 
icapped students and the responsibility of provid- 
ing any structural modifications necessary. Their 
positive attitude can be seen in the many ramps 
around school and the modifications in Eames 

The onset of 504 has had an interesting effect on 
the University. The Administration has adopted a 
more structured and formal program for Disabled 
Students Services, thereby creating the unfortunate 
situations of more bureaucracy and red tape to go 
through before anything gets done. What used to 
get done by a simple phone call now takes Official 
Requests, Meetings, Implementation Plans, Re- 
views, and in many cases even approval from Pres- 
ident Duff himself. Disabled students, in an effort 
to battle the red tape, have created the Handicap- 
ped Student Society; an organization dedicated to 
creating a favorable environment (both structural 
and attitudinal) for handicapped students. 

Early in the year, as it became apparent that the 
new bureaucracy's attitude was much less recep- 
tive to change as the old more formal system, the 
HSS determined the only way to get any results 
was to adopt a more antagonistic, forceful posture, 
(parodied as "wheels of terror" in the student 

— Chris Tremblay 


^ ^ jy. 


(0 1 s& 

Li^a Fr-aser 
Moe Fauvel 
John Baroni 
Jeanne Denommee 
Kathy Corr 

Absent Members- 
Gail Sawosik 
Sandy Dziedzinski 
Betsy Burke 
Barbara Garni ck 
Therese Denommee 
Andrea Laskey 
Betty Johnson 
Denise Fortier 



University of Lowell 
Lowell, Mass. 


Vol. 3 No. 14 

December 12, 1977 

Food Plan Evaluation 
Request Denied 

The University of Lowell Food Committee voted last week not to 
sanction a request to permit a food consultant to inspect the Universi- 
ty's cafeterias. Student Government President Mike Favaloro and Stu- 
dent Trustee Tom McGrail appeared before the committee Wednesday 
to make the request. The Food Committee was appointed by President 
Duff and is charged with supervising the food service. It is composed of 
students and administrators and meets regularly with the caterer to 
resolve complaints about the food. The proposal would have allowed 
Research Laboratories, Inc., of Roxbury, Mass., to conduct an 
od p reparation process. It is up to the 


<fc/M#>. -Mj" c/?/e/- 

cVm6nn Hobbs ^>* ^ 

"D^aA K\yic, Oi^V^ 

U^cl F-eb lj If 7 J" 


(JorOiAhh A fa 



\r one V C^/ ^ ^^%^^ 



On.. r " 


lta«c ^^ 
O^o*^ ft- 

-i. InX. 

Michel *** ^ S , M ^1 
V***** 1 eg***"* 

S£NM £ 

S£NM £ 



r , . Student Government (SG) is the executive, legislative, and judicial 

bodies of and for the students. Three branches make up SG- the Senate, 
J the Activities Commission (AC), and the Student Court. Student Govern- 
J ment was created "to provide means for responsible and effective stud- 
.Jl ent affairs, to maintain academic freedom, academic responsibility, and 
^~ student rights; and to enhance educational, social and cultural oppor- 

\ "\ In paying his/her activity fee, each full-time undergraduate 
student pays $15 of it to be used by SG to fulfill its purpose, becomes 
a member of SG, and is eligible to run for an office in an SG election. 

The chief legislative and policy-making branch of SG is the Stud- 

ent Senate. As-,such, i± co-ordinates the other branches of SG, makes 
or approves appointments (to the Student Court), and bears responsibility 
for representing student interests in the University community in mat- 
ters of housing and commuting, academic policy, financial aid, and any 
other issues in which students have a stake. 
4/M^? n The Senate is composed of 32 voting members. These members are 
the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of SG, elected at large 
by the Student body, and seven Senators from each undergraduate class, 
elected by their respective classes. Non- voting representative to the 
Senate are one person each from the Activities Commission, the Inter- 
Fraternity and Sorority Council (IFSC), the Inter-Dormitory Council 
(IDC), and th© University Council (UC). The Student Trustee is also 
a non- voting member of the Senate. 

ACTIVI TIES COMMISSION : The branch of SG responsible for coordinating the 
functions and funding of all recognized student clubs and organiza- 
tions, promoting and sponsoring social and cultural activities for the 
University community, and regulating the usage of all facilities under 
control of the SG (The Student Union Buildings) is the Activities 
Commission (AC). Thus, the main duties of the AC is to decide how 
to allot money and rooms to clubs, and to sponsor events such as con- 
certs, dances, speakers, Spring Carnival, University Week, Thanksgiving 
Week, Festivals, and Rathskellar entertainment. The AC involves a lot 
of hard work and dedication from members and volunteers alike to do 
such a tremendous job. 


The Student Court is the - intirp i'- ctivo ■ branch of SG. 


watch over the Senate and AC to make sure business is carried out 

may arise, 

according to the SG Constitution- and Student body ^if; any problems that 

Peggy Shanahan 



/ }&Cffy&~dZ- f^ ly MEMBERSHIP 

President Jerry Colella 

Vice-President Mike Thornton 

Treasurer Joseph Manseau 

Secretary James Michaud 

Sargent-at-Arms Matt 0!Neil 

Chaplin-Historian Dave Hanks 

Pledge Master-- Dave Languirand 

Ken Ashe Kevin Ray 

Dennis Ashe Bill Sullivan 

Bert Carrison Dennis Tonsheck 

Ken Daigle Tony Dubose 

Bernie Fields Dennis Kelleher 

Ronnie Fields Craig Regan 

Paul Jeppson Mike Connors 

Jim Kafasis Bill Raranda 

Rich Kleponis Doug Hanks 

Tim Mullen Kevan Murphy 

John Nadeski Joe Palmeiri 

Paul Lyons Charlie Piper 

Tom Piacenza Ed Roane 

Ted Quinn Alton Young 

Pete Robertson Pete Castelano 

Carl Piacenza Mike Page 

John Keating Don Sargent 

Mike Hays 

Joe Vecchione 

Debra DeLuca-President 

Peggy Rivard-Vice President 

Mary Barrett-Treasures - 

Nancy Ashe-Corresponding Secretary 

Audrey Welsh- Recording Secretary 

Judi Allison- Assistant Treasures: 

Joanne Pelletier- Sargeant-at-Arms 

Nancy Daediilonis— Pledge Mistress (fall) SSfea^^-r^^l^g^fl^ 

Liz Demetriou-Pledge Mistress (spring) 

Peggy Shanahan 

Leanne Barrett 
Janet Barton 
Carol Brown 
Marlene Casey 
Linda Comtois 
Bans Be Lotto 
Nancy Ford 
Benise Gamache 
Terry Kennedy 
Jud£ Michaud 
Gloria Miele 
Bess Messina 
Pam O'Keefe 
Glynis Sullivan 
Sue Tallier 
Hary Gale fllard 
Maura Bell 
Bonna Begonis 
Carolyn Bastous 

Debbie Meloy 
i-iary T. Reardon 
Bet; h Riley 
la mi Tmtela 
Cheryl Volis 



*^&>- ~y&* 




&- >* 








$\,* T 










Peggy Shanahan 


The ULowell baseball team 
completed their 1978 season 
with a very successful 21-12 
record under head coach Jim 
Stone. Highlighting the 
season with record-breaking 
performances were pitchers 
Ed Elliot for most strikeouts in 
a game (19 vs. Merrimack 
College), Bill Moloney for 
most consecutive shutouts (3 
vs. Brandeis, Springfield, and 
Amherst C), and Matt 
Fitzgerald for a no-hit game 
pitched against Springfield C. 
The Chiefs climaxed their 
season by placing second to 
Springfield C. in the E.C.A.C. 

Record: ULowell 12/Suffolk 
5; U.L. 7/ Plymouth 2; U.L. 
9/Plymouth 7; U.L. 
2/ Hartford 1; U.S. 5/ Hartford 
14; U.L. 6/W.P.I. 5; U.L. 
8/Assumption 1 1 ; U.L. 
4/M.I.T. 6; U.L. 4/M.I.T. 0; 
U.L. 7/Bentley 5; U.L. 
8/Bentley 1; U.L. 6/Clark 3; 
U.L. 9/Merrimack 0; U.L. 
5/Merrimack 1 ; U.L. 
4/S.M.U. 1; U.L. 2/S.M.U. 4; 
U.L. 3/Salem State 4; U.L. 
3/East Conn. 5; U.L. 0/E. 
Conn. 15; U.L. 7/Westfield 
15; U.L. 9/Westfield 12; U.L. 



0/Babson 7; U.L. 3/Brandeis 
0; U.L. 5/A.I.C. 2; U.L. 
13/A.I.C. 8; U.L. 
12/Merrimack 3; U.L. 
10/Bentley 1; U.L. 4/Bentley 
6; U.L. 4/Springfield 0; U.L. 
5/Springfield 0; E.C.A.C. 
Playoffs: U.L. 3/Amherst 0; 
U.L. 5/Tufts 3; U.L. 
0/Springfield 1 ; Wins: 
21 Losses: 12. E.C.A.C. 
Playoffs Second Place. 
Central Conn State 213; 
U.Conn. 179. 


Coach: Joseph Kopycinski 
Roster: Dave Bivolcic, Mike 
Bligh, Bob Desmarais, Jerry 
Felde, Paul Jeppson, Stan 
Mitchell, Jim Spanos, Al 
Hicks, William Bobb. 
Standings (Match Points) WPI 
251; Bryant 236; U.L. 225; 
Army 221 ; Coast Guard 2 1 7. 

Roster: Kathy Henze, Capt; 
Nancy Ford, Cindy Hicks, 
Cindy Kaukoranta, Janet 
Kenison, Kim Knoop, Kathy 
Lynch, Bonnie Munyon, Gail 

Standings (Match Points) 
U.Mass 247; Southern Conn. 
State 227; U.L. 218; 










^fc ^5 : *V" 

Coach Ton\ Romano's 
hoopsters completed the 
1977-78 season with an 
improved 11-13 mark. This 
vear's squad consisted of six 
freshmen and four 
sophomores which gives the 
Chiefs a bright outlook for 
future years. Freshmen 
Darren Foster and Marty Vogt 
from Jersey City, N.J., as well 
as high school revals Stan 
Whetstone and Pete Ortiz of 
St. Marv's, jersey City, 
headed a group of talented 
recruits. Leading the U Low el I 
scoring attack during a highly 
competitive season which 
featured such teams as 
Division I power Seton Hall 
and Division II leaders 
Merrimack and Springfield 
College were Steve Oliver 
and Chris Prince (15 points a 
game), Darren Foster (14 
points a game), and Stan 
Whetstone (1 1 points a 

Record: U.L. 109 U. Toronto 

69; U.L. 83 Seton Hall 107; 

U.L. 78 Bentlev 98; U.L. 

67 Bridgewater 81; U.L. 

82/SMU 85 (OT); U.L. 

79 Bryant 92; U.L. 

89 Springfield 117; U.L. 

89 Fitchburg 63; U.L. 63 MIT 

60; U.L. 74 Middlebury 73; 

U.L. 85 Clark 102; U.L. 

98 Babson 69; U.L. 81 UNH 

80; U.L. 109 Suffolk 93; U.L. 

98 Merrimack 119; U.L. 

65 Coast Guard 67; U.L. 

94/Salem 80; U.L. 


111 Pl\ mouth 86; U.L. 
83 WPI 87 (20T); U.L. 

90 Hartford 99; U.L. 75 
An si em's 77; U.L. 
77/Norwich 67; U.L. 
93 Colby 107; U.L. 

91 Central Conn. 87; Wins: 
11 Losses: 13. 

Coach: Tony Romano, Asst. 
Coach: Larry Kelleher, 
Managers: Tom Emery, Emile 
Ethier, Bob Simpson, Mark 
Szen, Captain: Mark 
Grabowski, Players: Brian 
Coke, Bob Endicott, Peter 
Forbes, Darren Foster, Joe 
Madad. Matt McCafferty, 
Fred McCall. Steve Oliver, 
Pete Ortiz, Chris Prince, 
Martv Voet, Stan Whetstone. 

Coach: Deborah Preis Roster: 
Martha Taliaferro and Susan 
Taylor, Captains, Ellen 
Dunlevy, Celeste Lippe, Joan 
Loucraft, Sue Rondeau, 
Lourie Proulx, Liza Taylor, 
Sue Wass, Deb White. 
U.L. 49 SMU 65; U.L. 
35 UNH 93; U.L. 41 Keene 
79; U.L. 58 Boston U. 81; 
U.L. 77 St. Anslem's56; U.L. 
44 Bentelev 69; U.L. 
"1 Worcester State 91; U.L. 
56 Framingham State 55; 
U.L. 62 Clark 74; U.L. 
56 Gordon 53; U.L. 
59 Boston State 48; U.L. 
63 Salem State 57; U.L. 
52 Holy Cross 47; U.L. 79 
Jackson 65; U.L. 40W.P.L 
56; U.L. 69 Assumption 58; 
Playoffs: U.L. 42 Assumption 
47; Wins: 8 Losses: 9. 


W - -> tH^| 

Lowell Sun Photo by Art Polock 



Coach: George Davis Roster: 
Mark Bashour, Mark 
Blaisdell, Phil Cantillon, 
Allen Fournier, Ed Gannon, 
Mike Hurton, Leo Kashian, 
Dean Kimball, Larry 
MacDonald, Mark Morrison, 
Jim Perry, Don Powers, Ed 
Seaver, Brian Squires. 

U.L. 71/Brandeis 35/Bates 
20/Amherst 66; U.L. 
41/BostonC. 30/MIT61; U.L. 
25/VVPI 31; U.L. 15/Nichols 
85; U.L. 15/Stonehill 38; 
(Low scroe wins); Wins: 4 
Losses: 4; Codfish Bowl: 2nd 
Place; Eastern 
Championship: 6th; 
N.C.A.A. Division II: 19th; 
I.C. A. A. A. A. Championship: 
2nd Place. 

Coach: Judith (Bohl) O'Niel 
Roster: Elaine Burke and 
Ellen Dunlevy, Captains: 
Mary Antonelli, Debora 
Blakely, Donna Graman, 
Diana Doyle, Patrice Dwyer, 
Joyce Hemeon, Valerie 
McCann, Allison McGovern, 
Donna Murphy, Lorraine 
O'Conner, Anne Kinsman, 
Patty Stockdale, Joni 
Greenwood, Deb Geary. 

U.L. 1 /Boston U. 0; U. L. 
6/NHC 0; U.L. 3/Endicott 3; 
U.L./1 Gordon C. 1; U.L. 
0/Bentley 2; U.L. 3/Fitchburg 
0; U.L. 5/Clark 0; U.L. 
O/Framingham 2; U.L. 
4/Assumption 2; U.L. 
2/Salem 5; U.L. 4/Pine Manor 
0; Wins: 6 Losses: 2 Ties: 3. 

Outstanding individual 
performances highlighted the 
ULowell 1977-78 gymnastics 
team's season. John 
Alberghini established new 
records in the parallel bars 
with a score of 9.2 and in the 
all-around excercizes with a 
score of 46.45. John placed 
first in the New England 
Championships in the long 
horse and parallel bars 
events, and took 8th place in 
the N.C.A.A. Division II 
Championships at 

E©©© ©®OTHW 

s@©© ©©nusraw 



Northbridge, Cal. 

Jeff Kirsch's score of 9.5 in 
long horse vaulting set a new 
ULowell individual record. 

Scott Williams established an 
individual record in the 
pommel horse event with a 
score of 8.95. Scott placed 
first in the New England 
Championships on the 
pommel horse, and 5th at the 
N.C.A.A. Championships in 
the same event, becoming 
the firs ULowell gymnast to 
earn Ail-American honors. 

The Chiefs set a new team 
record of 180.90 points 
against Springfield College, 
and concluded their season 
with a second place finish at 
the New England 

Roster: Coach: Richard 
Aronson, Manager: Bill 
Crocker, Captain Scott 
Williams, Captain Jeff Kirsch, 
John Alberghini, Bernard 
Antkowiak, Tom Beebe, Paul 
Bonnarigo, Gary Bruanfield, 
Doug Chin, Rick Chin, Peter 
Foster, Todd Karner, Robert 
Lally, Gary MacDonald, 
Stephen McWhirter, Don 
Morgan, Kevin Phoenix, Ed 
Powers, Steve Roy, Dan 
Sirois, Nick Vadala. 

Record: U.L. 161 .90/M.I.T. 
131.20; U.L. 166.10/UMass 
177.70; U.L. 1 71 .40/Boston 
St. 173.15; U.L. 180.90/ 
Springfield 188.30; U.L. 
179.95/ UVermont 157.15; 
U.L. 159.90/ Dartmouth 
174.50; U.L. 1 70.50/ Central 
Conn. St. 146.65; U.L. 
1 80.70/ Coast Guard 1 63.00; 
U.L. 170.45/ Southern Conn. 
201.10; Wins: 4, Losses: 5; 
New England 
Championships: 2nd place. 

,'--'■>.■■'. .. • 

' :: W m 




. - ...I .J 



. - J".-, i 









Unbeatable is the only word 
to describe the 1 977 ULowell 
Club football team as the 
Chiefs rolled over nine 
regular season opponents 
and came away with a 
stunning 41-6 victory in the 
playoffs over Duquesne U. 
and the National Club 
Football Championship. 

The Chiefs found little trouble 
in their first eight games of 
the season, which included 
shutouts over Stonehill, 
Bentley and St. Michael's. U. 
Lowell also recorded big 
wins over Hartford, 
Worcester State and 

The last game of the regular 
season saw a repeat of last 
year when the Chiefs played 
Providence C. for the 
conference championship 
and a shot at the national 
title. The anticipated 
showdown proved to be 
more of a laugher as ULowell 
walked away with a 46-0 
win, avenging last year's 
shutout to the Friars. In the 
Conference Championship 
Game, the Chief's 
recordbreaking running back 
Terry Coleman scored twice, 
Ken Gauthier once, and 
Tipper Durkin's dazzling 
62-yard touchdown pass to 
end Mike Mazzola, led 
ULowell to the one-sided 

The largest crowd of the 
season at Cawley Stadium 
saw the Chiefs square off 
against a highly rated 
Duquesne University. U. 
Lowell dominated the game 


from the opening kickoff and 
built up a 41-0 lead on three 
touchdown runs by Terry 
Coleman and two TD passes 
from Tipper Durkin to Pat 
Welch and Mike Mazzola 
before the Dukes could break 
the scoring column. 

Running back Terry Coleman 
erased every rushing and 
scoring record in gaining 
1004 yards and 102 points 
this season. Other individual 
records set during the season 
include Pat Welch's 69-yard 
touchdown pass from Tipper 
Durkin (vs. Bentley) and 
44-yard punt return (vs. 
Worcester), and Neil 
Murphy's 62-yard punt (vs. 
Providence). Team records 
include most wins in a season 
(1 0), most points in one game 
(69 vs. Worcester), Most 
yards in one game (525 vs. 
Worcester) and fewest yards 
allowed in one game (25 vs. 
St. Michael's). 

Nine members of the U. 
Lowell football team were 
named to the All-American 
team. Terry Coleman and 
Mike McKeon were selected 
for first team honors, as were 
Russ Calla and Bill Kulis. 
Second team All-Americans 
were Dan Vatour and Ken 
Gauthier on offense and 
Steve Pepe, Bill Florence and 
Mike Chisholm on Defense. 
Coach Joh Perrault was 
elected coach of the Year for 
the second consecutive year 
for transforming a team 
which won only one game in 
three seasons to a team 
which won the National 
Championship three seasons 


i Z^^Sm^^ j*3" 



'■■■'■ ■<WSK' l s*" , "v ''TS 'ri'.'i*! ■'■"J"*';'.*! 


tm — 


Record: U Lowell 18/ St. John 
Fisher 11; ULowell 27/ 
Stonehill 0; ULowell 27/ 
Bently 0; ULowell 49/ 
Hartford 6; ULowell 69/ 
Worcester St. 13; ULowell 71 
W.N.E.C. 6; ULowell 61/ St. 
Michael's 0; ULowell 35/ 
Assumption 14; ULowell 46/ 
Providence 0; Playoffs: 
ULowell 41/ Duquesne 6; 
Wins: 10 Losses: 0; Final 
Standings: National Club 
Football Champions. 



The ULowell hockey team 
anticipated an exciting 
1 977-78 season with the likes 
of defending Division II 
Champions Merrimack C. 
two-time Champions 
Bowdoin C, Salem State and 
-VI.C. as scheduled 
opponents. From the opening 
game of the \ear at U. Mass, 
the Chiefs gave the Wildmen 
exactly what they expected in 
what would pro\ed to be a 
record-breaking season. 

The Chiefs started their quest 
of a championship year on 
the right foot w ith w ins over 
U. Mass, Babson and Br\ant 
before running into a solid 
Merrimack team and a 5-1 
loss in the finals of the 
Thanksgiving Tournament at 
Merrimack. The loss to the 
\\ arriors started a mid-season 
slump in which ULowell 
managed onK two wins in 
seven games, with losses to 
Division II east opponents 
Bowdoin, Holy Cross, Salem 
State and St. Anselm's. 

The Chiefs turned the season 
around during the semester 
break with a five-game win 
streak. The top line of center 
Craig MacTavish and wings 
Barrv Yeadon and Tom 
Jacobs began to click by 
bombing fourteen goals in 
eight games together. Goal 
tender Brian Doyle anchored 
the defense by allowing onl\ 
eleven goals during those five 

ULowell ran their win streak 
to six games and headed into 
their long awaited rematch 
with Merrimack before a 
packed house at Skate 3. 

Coach Bill Riley's squad 
jumped out to a 3-0 lead, but 
a tough Warrior team fought 
back to end the game at 3-3. 

Victories over Army, North 
Adams State, Brvant, 
Middleburv and Norwich 
kept the win streak intact as 
the Chiefs concluded a 
sensational second half of the 
regular season by going 
undefeated and clinching a 
home plavoff berth for the 
first time in history. 

Seeded third in the playoffs, 
the Chiefs bombed A.I.C. 
earlv and coasted to a 6-4 
win as Captain Barr\ Yeadon 
scored a hat trick, while Tom 
Jacobs netted two goals and 
Craig MacTavish one to lead 

The Chiefs closed their 
season with a heart-breaking 
6-4 loss in the semi-finals to 
rival Merrimack C; the 
second time in two years that 
the Warriors have edged 
ULowell in post-season play. 
The Chiefs battled back tw ice 
from two-goal deficits, but an 
open net goal in the closing 
minutes of the game iced the 
w in for Merrimack. 

ULowell finished the season 
with a 17-6-1 record; their 
best ever. Team record set 
during the year included most 
goals (130), most powerplay 
goals (36), least powerplay 
goals allowed (18), and most 
road games won (11). 
Freshman sensation Craig 
Mactavish established three 
new records for goals in one 
game (4), powerplay goals 
(9), and game winning goals 


(6) on route to capturing the 
E.C.A.C. Division II 
Rookie-of-the-Year Award. 
Tom Jacobs also entered the 
record book for scoring in 
thirteen consecutive games. 

Coach: Bill Riley, Asst. 
Coach: Bill Maloney Barry 
Yeadon, Captain Roster: Sam 
Adams, John Costello, Bill 
Cullinane, Jim Dandeneau, 
Brian Doyle, Bob Flaherty, 
Hal Gillis, Chuck Hayes, 
Gene Hayes, Tom Jacobs, 
Steve Jamieson, John Jadkul, 
Dean Jenkins, Craig 
MacTavish, Mike McGinn, 
Ken McKee, Bill Moffatt, 
Steve O'Brien, Mike 
O'Connor, Rudy Palermo, 
Steve Scannell, Dave 
Sullivan, Mark Whiting. 

ULowell 5/ UMass 2; 
U Lowell 5/ Babson 4; 
ULowell 10/ Bryant 2; 
ULowell 1/ Merrimack 5; 
ULowell 4/ Bowdoin 7; 
ULowell 6/ Colby 3; ULowell 
1/ Holy Cross 4; ULowell 71 
Boston St. 4; Codfish Bowl: 
ULowell 3/ Salem St. 4; 
ULowell 71 St. Anslem's 8; 
Salem St. Classic: ULowell 4/ 
St. Anslem's 1; ULowell 5/ 
Salem St. 2; ULowell 71 A.I.C. 
3; ULowell 5/ UMaine 1; 
ULowell 6/ Salem St. 4; 
ULowell 6/ St. Anslem's 2; 
ULowell 3/ Merrimack 3; 
ULowell 9/ Army 3; ULowell 
5/ North Adams St. 2; 
ULowell 9/ Bryant 3; 
ULowell 5/ Middlebury 3; 
ULowell 71 Norwich 4; 
E.C.A.C. Playoffs: ULowell 6/ 
A.I.C. 4; ULowell 4/ 
Merrimack 6; Wins: 17 
Losses: 6 Ties: 1 ; Final 
Standing: 3rd Place Division 
II East. 


Roster: Coach: Grant 
Carrovv, Asst. Coach: Bob 
Lown, Players: John Baia, 
Bob Boucher, Larry 
Broderick, Jack Condon, 
Dave Forsyth, Greg Giorgio, 
Bob Harvey, Tom Kearney, 
Brian Keegan, Hank King, 
Gerry Lemire, Craig 
MacTavish, Mike Manzo, 
Bob McCloskey, Marty 
McLain, Andy McSpiritt, John 
Minnanan, Nick Moise, John 
Molignano, Wally Nutter, 
John Pacini, Paul Phelan, Joe 
Rapuano, Jim Rigney, Frank 
Signa, Ray Southvvorth. 

Record: U.L. 10/ Brandeis 
11; U.L. 10/ Merrimack 6; 
U.L. 5/ W.P.I. 13; U.L. 1/ 
Babson 18; U.L. 6/ Nichols 
13; U.L. 3/ West fields St. 8; 
U.L. 12/ Bates 6; U.L. 15/ 
Assumption 1 ; Wins: 3 
Losses: 5. 


Roster: Coach: Donald 
Ameen, Players: Captain 
Peter Harrison, John Bird, 
Bob Desmarais, Rich Metcalf, 
Kurt Eldracher, David Moore, 
Craig Miller, Jay Plunkett, 
Gary Pulsnelli, Eugene 
Scanlon, Kendall Smith, Chris 

Final Standings: 1. W.P.I., 2. 
Wasson, 3. Boston Univ., 4. 
New Hampshire Col. 
U Lowell. 


Roster: Coach: Jeff Gettler, 
Asst. Coach: Bruce Cochran, 
Asst. Coach John Wulson, 
Players: Captain Tony 
Chaves, Captain Bob 
Townsend, Steve Biggs, Glen 
Cannavo, John Carroll, Dave 
Chenelle Steve Dobois, Al 
Ford, Rennie Gibbs, Stuart 
Gray, Arthur Housianitis, 
Scott Lane, Al Lemieux, Steve 
Lidwin, Dave Lopilato, 
Chuck McGuire, Mark 
McKevv, Jim Miraldi, Bob 
Peterson, Chuck Rutkowski, 
Ken Schelling, Nuno Simoes, 
Roy Skidmore, Doug Taatjes, 
John Reis, Chuck Wood. 

Record: U.L. 0/ Colby 2; U.L. 
2/ Gordon 4 (OT); U.L. 0/ 
Brandeis 2; U.L. 0/ Bentley 3; 
U.L. 71 Merrimack 2; U.L. 0/ 
W.P.I. 6; U.L. 0/ Holy Cross 
3; U.L. 1/ Clark 2; U.L. 0/ 
M.I.T. 5; U.L. 0/ New Haven 
5; U.L.O/St. Anselm's2; U.L. 
2/ Norwich 3; U.L. 0/ Coast 
Guard 4; U.L. 1/ Hartford 4; 
U.L. 1/ S.M.U. 8; Wins: 1 
Losses: 14. 




Five new school records and 
their first win ever against 
Bridgewater State highlighted 
the 1977-78 ULowell swim 
team's season. Freshman 
standout Ted Cawley erased 
the 1 00 yard backstroke mark 
vs. Bryant College with a time 
of 1:02.73 and the 200 yard 
backstroke record with a time 
of 2:22.40 against Brandeis. 
Ted also helped break the 
400 yard freestyle relay along 
with Bill Geary, Dave Smith, 
and Rick Brostowin; set 
during the Norwich meet. 
Two Chief records fell as 
Dave Smith's time of 2:28.09 
in the 200 yard breaststroke 
vs. Holy Cross and Bill 
Geary's time of 2:1 5.49 vs. 
Colby College broke the old 

In the Bridgewater State 
meet, Phil Hemenway posted 

two wins in the 1000 yard 
and 500 yard freestyle events, 
Rick Brostowin gained 
victories in the 50 yard and 
1 00 yard freestyles, and Steve 
Kiciski and Pat Doyle's first 
and second place finishes, 
respectively, in the 200 yard 
butterfly led the Chiefs to 

The ULowell diving team 
continued their dominance in 
the one meter and three 
meter diving events in 
running their dual meet 

photo Mark Christiansen 

record over the past five years 
to 106 wins and 2 losses; 
both to rival M.I.T. last year. 
Bob Scott consistently led the 
diving squad during the 
season, and finished with a 
7th place in both one meter 
and three meter events in the 
New England 

Championships. Teammate 
Ron Yankum also placed for 
the Chiefs in the New 
England's, taking a 6th in the 
one meter event and 14th in 
the three meter dive. 

Roster: Coach: Andy 
Cornellier, Asst. Coach: Dick 
Kenny, Managers: Kathy 
Keegan, Dianne Spear, 
Bonnie Stewart; Ed Barter, 
Rick Brostowin, Jeff Cabral, 
Kevin Carroll, Ted Cawley, 
Paul Collette, Pat Doyle, Tom 
Doyle, Bill Geary, Phil 
Hemenway, Roger Katchuk, 
Steve Kicinski, Rich Piela, 
Bob Scott, Dave Smith, Ron 
Yankum, Mike Quadri, Doug 

Record: ULowell 72/ 
Brandeis 35; ULowell 27/ 
Tufts 86; ULowell 72/ 
Bridgewater 39; ULowell 40/ 
M.I.T. 73; ULowell 74/ 
Bryant 39; ULowell 74 Holy 
Cross 38; ULowell 50/ 
Babson 62; ULowell 53/ 
Colby 60; ULowell 51/ 
Norwich 62; Wins: 4 Losses: 
5; New England 
Championships: 15th. 


Roster: Coach: Denise Legault, 
Coach: Barb Ryder, Scorer: 
Pauline Abate, Players: Captain 
Linn Formica, Leslie Allen, Deb 
Blakely, Mary Fitzgerald, Barb 
Flammia, Winnie Leonard, 
Donna Loranger, Lisa Marson, 
Sue Morse, JoAnn Newcomb, 
Karen Richard, Lisa Spinel li, 
Nancy Stern. 

Record: U.L. M UMass 3; U.L. 8/ 
U.N.H. 5; U.L. 20/ Assumption 1 ; 
U.L. 11/ Salem St. 14; U.L. 5/ 
Boston St. 3; U.L. 10/ Gordon 
Col.0; U.L. 12/Bentley 5; U.L 6/ 
Providence Col. 7; U.L. 20/ Regis 
Col. 8; U.L. 4/ Framingham St. 3; 
U.L. 3/ Worcester St. 7; U.L. 8/ 
East Nazerene 5; Wins: 9 Losses: 



Four members of the 1 977-78 
track team earned 
All-American honors, while 
new records highlighted the 
indoor and outdoor track 
seasons. Joe Brice set a 
U Lowell discus throw record 
with a toss 179', while 
placing 4th in the New 
England Outdoor Track 
Championships, 3rd in the 
I.C.A.A.A.A. and 6th in the 
N.C.A.A. Division 
II Championships; earning 
All-American status in that 
event. Joe also set the school 
shot put record of 50'6" 
during the indoor season 
against Southern Conn. State. 

Fellow Irishmen Ed Campbell 
and Marc Linscheid gained 
All-American honors in the 
hammer throw with 4th and 
2nd place finishes, 
respectively, in the N.C.A.A. 

Division II Championships. 
Marc's other 

accomplishments include a 
Chief javelin record of 196', 
representing ULowell and the 
U.S.A. in international 
competition in Mexico, and 
being named to the Division 
II Ail-Star Track and Field 

Bill Haskell, recipient of the 
Cushing Award as the 
Outstanding Athelete of 
1977-78, became ULowell's 
third All-American in the 
hammer throw with a fifth 
place finish in the National 

Other Chief record-breakers 
during the track season were 
Golden Cage in the 100 
meter dash (10.99 sec), Nate 
Anderson in the triple jump 
(46'9"), and Reggie Still in 
the long jump (22'9"). 

Coach George Davis led the 

Indoor Track Team to a 5-2 
record, with a 3rd place 
finish in the Eastern 
Championships and 12th 
place in the New England 

Roster: Coach: George 
Davis, Asst. Coach: Dean 
Eastman, Dave Willey, 
Manager: Rene LeClair; Bill 
Haskell (Capt), Nate 
Anderson, Mark Bashour, 
Paul Barry, Mark Blaisdell, 
Joe Brice, Golden Cage, Ed 
Campbell, Phil Cantillon, 
Allan Fournier, Frank 
Fleming, Greg Fuller, Dave 
Gelinas, Mike Hurton, Leo 
Kashian, Mark Kirby, Dean 
Kimball, Marc Lincsheid, 
Larry MacDonald, Rick 
McCully, Mark Morrison, 
Bob Murgia, Steve Norman, 
Calvin Pittman, Ken 
Rillings, Brian Squires, 
Reggie Still. 

Peggy Shanahan 

Record: Indoor Track 

ULowell 57/Tufts 55/ 
Westfield St. 40/ Fitchburg St. 
26; ULowell 47.5/Williams 

2.5/ Springfield 52.5/ 
Albany St. 21; ULowell 
61/Holy Cross 73; Wins: 5 
Losses: 2; Eastern 
Championships: 3rd Place; 
New England 

Championships: 12th Place; 
I.C.A.A.A.A.: 21st Place. 



Roster: Coach: A.J. Oliver, 
Players: John Carroll, John 
Chapman, Bill Cox, George 
Jones, Peter Lynch, Michael 
McCabe, Edward Parigian, 
Forrest Stickney, Mark 
Warusyla, Peter Xides. 

Record: U.L. 6/ Brandeis 3; 
U.L. 4/ S.M.U. 5; U.L. 9/ 
Merrimack 0; U.L. 71 
Hartford 2; U.L. 71 
Bridgewater St. 2; U.L. 71 
Bentley 2; U.L. 3/ Babson 6; 
U.L. 4/ Salem St. 5; U.L. 8/ 
Suffolk 1; U.L. 71 W.P.I. 2; 
U.L. 1/ Plymouth St. 8; Wins: 
7 Losses: 4. 

Roster: Coach: Claire 
Chamberlain, Eileen Malloy 
(Capt.), Julie Carignan, Mary 
Ellen Doherty, Lisa Elie, Calla 
Flibotte, Nancy Ford, Linda 
Fraser, Kathy McCall, Katie 

RECORD: U Lowell 1/ Boston 
Univ. 3; U Lowell 4/ Regis 1; 
ULowell 3/ Northeastern 4; 
U Lowell 2/ Boston St. 3; 
ULowell 4/ Suffolk 1; 
ULowell 1/ Holy Cross 6; 
ULowell 5. Fitchburg St. 2; 
ULowell 2/ Clark 3; ULowell 
2/ Assumption 5; ULowell 2/ 
Salem St. 5; Wins: 3 Losses: 

Roster: Coach: Denise 
Legault Players: Captain 
Donna Loranger, Fran 

Carrozza, Nancy Doyon, 
Deb Drae, Joan Loucraft, Lisa 
Marson, Martha Taliferro. 

Reocrd: ULowell 2/ W.P.I. 0; 
ULowell 0/ Fitchburg St. 2; 
ULowell 2/ Babson Col. 0; 
ULowell 2/ Worcester St. 0; 
ULowell 0/ East Nazerene 2; 
ULowell 2/ Boston St. 0; 
ULowell 2/ Holy Cross 0; 
ULowell 07 Keene St. 2; 
ULowell 0/ Boston College 2; 
ULowell 2/ New Hampshire 
Col. 0; ULowell 2/ Regis Col. 
0; ULowell 2/ Endicott Col. 
0; ULowell 2/ Wheaton Col. 
3; ULowell 0/ Salem St. 2; 
ULowell 2/ Assumption 0; 
ULowell 2/ St. Anselm's 1; 
ULowell 2/ Framingham St. 
0; Wins: 12, Losses: 6. 


Roster: Coach: Bill "Bungie" 
Donaghey, Advisor: Larry 
Martin, Players: Captain 
Kevin Egan, Paul Cormier, 
Larry Howarth, Brian Moore, 
Chris Prince, Brian Traineor, 
Joe Vaikoris, Harry Vasilakos, 
Ed Znoj. Record: U.L. 414/ 
St. Anselm's 435; U.L. 414/ 
Merrimack 439; U.L. 7/ Clark 
6; U.L. 6/ Suffold 1; U.L. 3/ 
Nichols 4; U.L. 404/ M.I.T. 
407; U.L. 404/ Providence 
405; U.L. 403/ W.P.I. 417; 
U.L. 406/ Salem St. 41 8; U.L. 
415/ Bentley 417; Wins: 9 
Losses: 1; Massachusetts 
Invitational: 1 1th place; New 
England Championship: 18th 



The U Lowell to restling team's 
3-14 dual meet record this 
season reflected the stiff 
competition they received 
from such power houses as 
Boston University (ranked #2 
in New England), Montclair 
State (1976 Division 3 
National Champions), 
Princeton (3rd in Eastern 
Championships), and 
Springfield College 
(defending New England 

Bill McQuade, voted the 
Outstanding Wrestler for 
1977-78, led the Chiefs with 
a 9-2 dual meet record and a 
3rd place finish in the New 
England Championships. Bill 
went on to compete in the 
N.C.A. A. Division 2 
Championships at the 
University of Northern Iowa 
where he place 7th in his 
weight class; one win short of 
Ail-American honors. 

Captain Bill Ramnsley (6-7), 
Rob Crowe (7-3-1), and Bob 
Millard (4-2-1) paced the 
grapplers during the season; 
who went on to a 14th place 
finish out of 26 teams in the 
New England 


ROSTER: Coach Bob 
Germann Asst. Coach; Ken 
Hall Bill Rawnsley (Capt.), 
Chuck Barilla, Bob Bassett, 
Rob Crowe, Dave Gagon, 
Frank Lopilato, Rob Lydon, 
Dick McClure, Rich 
McLarnev, Bill McQuade, 
Bob Millard, Mike Mitchell, 
Mike Mitchell, John Pittman, 
John Topham. 

RECORD: ULowell 
Kutztown 47; ULowell 2/ 
Princetown 49; ULowell 15/ 
Montclair St. 33; ULowell 14/ 
Amherst College 28; ULowell 
26 Brown 17; ULowell 6 
Springfield Col. 46; ULowell 
11 Boston Univ. 39; 
ULowell 21 Central Conn. 
St. 32; ULowell 24 Boston 
St. 27; ULowell 6 Coast 
Guard 48; ULowell 6 Mass. 
Maritime 33; ULowell 33 
Bowdoin 15; ULowell 36 
Hartford 15; ULowell 20 
Q.P.I. 28; ULowell 3 
Harvard 39; ULowell 18 
Washington & Lee 27; 
ULowell 21 U.N.H. 26; 
Wins: 3 Losses: 14; New 
England Championships: 
14th Place. 




SINGLES: Hemant Dave; 
DOUBLES: Siu-Ki Chan, 
Edmond Fung; BASKETBALL 

— MEN'S: Team: City; Mike 
O'Hara, Jeff Ross, Steve 
Harris, John Blue, Paul Witso, 
Scott Solomine, John Nelson. 
Team: Odessy; Mary 
Fitzgerald, Denise Edwards, 
Joan Hurtin, Kathy 
Norinkavich, Donna Hayes, 
Marsha Flake; SUPER 
SHOOT — MEN'S: Gerry 
Royer; FOUL SHOOT — 
MEN'S: Ken Rillings; FOUL 
Dan Robertson, Gerry Royer, 
Tom Bergeron, Ed Znoj, Gary 
Hammond; FOUL SHOOT 

— WOMEN'S: Peggy Rivard; 
TEAM: Pat Wallace, Alicia 
Berube, Maureen Doyle, Sue 
McGinnis, Alex Pappey; 
BASKETBALL:! over 5'JO") 
Paul Makiej, (under 5'10") 
Gary Hammond; 
SINGLES: Joe Burke; 
DOUBLES: James Ciszek, 
Dan Verreault; 
DOUBLES: Jack Costello, 
Bob Flaherty; 
Nancy Ford, Katie 
Katie McCormack, Ron 
Bedard; SOFTBALL — 
MENS'S: Team: Rightnuts; 

Gerry Nadeau, Kevin 
Lambert, Bill Davis, Dave 
Mezzioti, Tony Manzi, Bob 
Jezerski, Ed Manzi, Dan 
MacLeod, Paul Manzi, Bob 
Team: Green Machine; 
Gerald Royer, Edward Smith, 
Judi Allston, Pattie Smith, 
Wayne Walworth, Tony 
Bubowicz, Nancy Ford, 
Edward Fritz, Peggy Rivard, 
Cheryl White; SWIMMING & 
P.H.M.; Mitchell, LaBroad, 
Archambault, Moses; 100 
P.H.M.; LaBroad, 
Archambault, Moses, 
Mondor; 1 METER DIVE: 
Arthur Harding; 50 YARD 
BACKSTROKE: John Mannix; 
Joseph Burns; 50 YARD 
Hansberry; 50 YARD 
Mondor; SWIMMING & 
Morrison; 25 YARD 
Distefano; 50 YARD 
Webster; 25 YARD 
SIDESTROKE: Pam Nichols; 
RELAY: Webster, Morrison, 
Nichols, Ronseau; 1 00 YARD 
MEDLY RELAY: King, Cahill, 
Fiske, Jarvi; 1 METER DIVE: 
Pam Nichols; TABLE TENNIS 
— MEN: Hemant Dave; 
John Carroll; TENNIS — 
Bean, Roger Chouinard; 
Greenwood, Joseph Regan; 

Street Clothe 
on Gym Floe 



Mil : 

ft B^rin |B> 

■r «B HP"" Up 

Greenwood; TOUCH 
Team: P.H.M.; Kevin Casey, 
Rick Nohelty, Al Benior, Bob 
Ricardi, Nick Miose, Andy 

Langdon, Dennis Caron, Rick 
Archambeault, Bob Relihan, 
John Morin, John Molignano, 
John Green, Rick Legther, 
Tom Columbus, Ralph 
Tomaiolo, John Lewis, Nick 
Garrofalo, Rick Donohue; 
TRACK — MEN'S: Team: 
Smith Hall; 100 YARD 
DASH: Johnny Martin; 220 
YARD DASH: Johnny Martin; 
440 YARD DASH: Wade 
Fiegal; 880 YARD DASH: 
Mike Haley; ONE MILE 
RUN: Joe McClory; TWO 
MILE RUN: Steve McWhirter; 
Rayna, MacDonald, Galanto 
HIGH JUMP: Steve Colohan 
LONG JUMP: Ken Gauthier 
SHOP PUT: Tom Fleming; 
DISCUS: Mark Thomas; 
JAVELIN: Peter McNaughton; 
Steve McWhiter; TURKEY 
MEN'S: Team: All Stars; 
Afshari Ebrahim, Kameel, 
George Hadjidakis, Ardehali 
Abdi, Edmond Fong, Hossein 
Mehdiyar, Yi Lee Chen, Joe 
WOMEN'S: Team: P.R.N. ; 
Debbie Pawling, Mary Ellen 
Bergeron, Brenda Wholey, 
Denise Boucher, Joanne 
Kember, Susan Morash, 
Teresa Typrowicz; 
Team: K.D.; Jerry Colella, Joe 
Manseau, Pat Toohil, Ginny 
McGuire, Bill Sullivan, Matt 
O'Neill, Paul Jeppson, Mike 
Thornton, Lynne Nelson, 
Dave Hanks, Kavin Roy, Lisa 
Colarusso, Jim Michaud, Erin 
Michaud, Erin Noonan, Mary 
Andros, Elian McCann, Rick 
Kleponis; WRESTLING — 
MEN'S: Team: P.H.M.; (126 
lbs.) Dan McDavitt, (134 lbs.) 
Joel Karsberg, (142 lbs.) 
Shawn Harty, (150 lbs.) Mike 
Joly, (1 77 lbs.) Stuart Farmer, 
(190) lbs.) Stanley Wicks, 
(HWT.) Dan Vatour; 
MEN'S: (under 1 50 lbs.) Mark 
Lefebvre, (151-175) lbs.) 
Jason Elwood, (176-200 lbs.) 
Ronald Johnson, (201-225 
lbs.) Raymond Elie. 167 

"I Do It For Myself" 





Peggy Shanahan 






' ' 

Eamonn Hobbs 

ersonal sports here include frisbee and parachuting and everything in between them 


The Extra Player 










Primed for the game 
— are they quiet, 

well-mannered, easily 
intimidated, or above 
putting a turkey in 
Merrimacks goal? 



R ;v * e- 


c llje feelings, Tjfte oAfoise 

Ed. note: People on the 
streets of Lowell and people 
from the University of Lowell 
were asked how they felt 
about life here, in general. 
While the various quotes 
were not printed in an 
attempt to reach any 
conclusion they are, in many 
ways, typical, timely, and 

FIND Q. fit A L>BW 

Lowell City Hall, photo / Gary Manter 


- - '■ . : 



>' <• 


&*&&■ '&4t 




photos/Peggy Shanahan 

"*** , ^^ ! 




by p/tfl fl URG0 

' i i egBBBBeeeBeeeeeBBi 



ike Lowell because 
it's quiet. I've been to a 
lot of cities. New York, 
\\ ashington and e\en 
Boston. In Lowell you 
don't hear so much 
about murders and 
killings but in New 
York it's ever\da\ . 
That's wh\ the\ need a 
bigger newspaper." 

— Rodney 



I've lived here for years and years and it isn't 
like it used to be. They should never have put 
the cobblestones. That's the worst thing they 
could have done. I hate them cobblestones. 
For older people it's no good. You can't walk! 
And they should have more stores downtown. 
They got nothing! What is this gonna be a park 
city? They could do other things. I mean, hey! 
People need housing, they need stores. They 
don't want a park! You can't even sit on a 
bench because you know the young people 
what they do in a park — they come and konk 
you on the head! I was born and brought up 
here and when I was young, Lowell was 

No name — No Picture. 




Lowell . . . it's just deteriorating. 
All the stores are gone. There used 
to be a variety. Now it's all 
vacancies. And another thing, the 
city is very dirty. I don't understand 
whs thes're putting all this money 
to has'e this as a national park 
because the minute something goes 
up it's destroved. 
Just destroyed. 

Thes fix everything up very nicely 
and it's destrosed. 

I don't knoss. This is my cits. I 
lised here all my life. There is no 
lass and order." 

— No Name Either 

t's an old tossn. It isn't laid out ssell and the 
parking isn't adequate. I told the mayor that they 
should fill in the canals and make roads. The 
sshole cits is connected by canals. It ssould be 
Rood for transportation. 

— Bil 

photos Rick Allen 




Lowell's alright. Do you go to the University? A 
friend works in the kitchen department — Bernie — 
do you know him? I have a camera too — I'll take 
your picture. I take pictures of things going by. I had 
my picture in the Lowell Sunday paper last week 
. . . they asked me about Judge Bonin. But I don't 
even buy the Sunday paper." 

— Joe 

photos/ Rick Allen 

I'm from South Boston. That's Gods' 
country — if you're Irish. What I'd 
like to see in Lowell is more money 
and housing for you know . . .him 
(indicates Joe). They should take the 
money from the parks and do 
something with it. There's nothing 

— Bart 



I'm glad we live here. Yeah, 

Because it's a famous city and 
it's getting famouser. 
Yeah, because of the mills 
and the national park. 

We get points 
in school for 
how much 
we know about it." 

— Jeffrey Eagen, Thomas Delahanty 



Peggy Shanahan 

The pay scale is rotten, I hate working here and I 
would never live in Lowell." 

— I'm From Dracut That's All 
You Need To Know. 



There's no place to go. 
How many nights can 
you spend at Pollards or 
Dillons? There aren't 
many cultural programs 
and Chelmsford is the 
closest place for a movie. 
You really have to go to 
Boston for excitement. 
The parks are nice when 
the weather is warm." 

— Robin 





I'm stuck with it but I'm glad I'm stuck with it. I think that Lowell has a lot of potential. If the city 
officials and the residents themselves would work together, we would have a fine city." 


'I used to live here and I still come back to 
shop. I like the urban parks and the looks 
of the city are shaping up." 

— Shiela 

Peggy Shanahan 


Peggy Shanahan 



graduated here from Lowell State in 1969 ... I still teach school but 
sometimes I think that I would have been better off if I applied myself to 
something more practical. Teaching is a glutted field. You've got 
nowhere to go and few choices. 

I like living in Lowell. My family has a lot of ties. What you have 
here is a money-maker that people let run down. The money made in 
Lowell was never kept in Lowell. Now people from the outside are 
trying to make it a money maker again." 

"I'm not optimistic about the national park. If you want to fix your 
store front they give you four grand to do it with but at the same time 
there are regulations saying what type of signs and facades you have to 

have. This is all my own. I don't want someone telling me what I can 
and cannot do." 

— Tom Byrne 


The city has a lot of potential. The expansion 
of Wang will create more jobs and the 
Urban park will bring a tourist trade. The 
groundwork has been laid and a lot of 
progress has already been made. It all 
depends on how everything is carried out." 
— Marty Meehan '78 

photos Rick Allen 


it|| getting better. 

really. My friend is 

at sl|idqHitod we're 

uildlngs anp going 

n park ma^s you 


erry Nichols 




Krai 1 ? 


: .:■.-■■■,''■■.' •■■"'■■*- ■: : "^'- : " '• 


.■■iH..' ; //,:^.^%^:-- 

a * 





I'm afraid that living here beats the hell out of 
the real world." 

— Man Thinking 



■4 ' 





•"'■' '- 





r '* 

' m'^- ''&>'■/■ M^v 

..-,■--• -2%h 

■■ A\*S 

^0it£^- a $i*tLi 

Vs. * 

-^ ' *Sy~ * 


<: TW^'- 






Joe Vecchione 




>'■'■'- : *■'- •- '/ '" ' '. ; v l ■ /v.," 

. , | 

i at* 

■'■ -i i 



" — a^^il jl 


TXJ \ 7 JlM 

,^| ' 

^fi ' "^ w 

k 4 •^■Ll* ^ 

i \j L j lJ^mIhBB^ 



* x - ."v ' *v - 

; * 



? ' . -: v - " 


J ' '-' ^ , • » • 

% ** 

photos/AI Mowatt 








•■ ■ ■ 


'"■ * ' '. ' V V>'-^ 


Peggy Shanahan 


ULowell is the biggest educational 
bargain in the country today. The profs 
are primarily teachers instead of 
researchers and they can spend time 
with you. But the library has more 
empty spaces than it does books so with 
Boston 45 minutes away, you can hit 
other libraries and cultural events. 
Cambridge is fun, you can be as 
bohemian as the late sixties and still fit 
right in. Boston is a quaint, large city still 
trying to disguise itself as a small town. 
Lowel I's got the good rents and you can 
use Boston as your playground. Not a 
bad set-up for a starving student. Or if 
you're a mole you can stay in Lowell on 
a Saturday night, spending very little 
money while having a perfectly boring 
time. Life, like education is what you 
make it." 

— Diane 


Eamonn Hobbs 



Absolutely s fbsitively 


photos/Peggy Shanahan 




% . -H^ 

- - „ - 5 

■ - 





Peggv Shanahan 


Don't ask me about Lowell, I'm a Townie! I think that 
they should level the University and build a parking lot. 
As for the people of Lowell, they can park where the 
University of Lowell used to be!" 

— Louie 


I have mixed feelings about the school, 
although it is the best I can afford. The city is 
looking a lot better in some places." 

— Karen 


mnjjt * 








Sr V ^^^^^^^^* i^^r ' 1 <~^" 

^B fci^^o^ 

)oe Vecchione, Peggy Shanahan 


'I don't believe in 
an afterlife, al- 
though I'm bring- 
ing a change of 

— Woody Allen 

The thing I like most about 
myself is that I always smell 
like pot." 

— Zonker 



Lowell has the most effed-up traffic patterns I've ever seen." 

— Shiela 
Commuting is a major hassle." 

— Maureen 

I know a lot of really fine people here but I still haven't found a 
sense of community." 

— Ray 
Every thing at school would be much simpler if all the shit was on 
one form. The red tape is incredible." 

— Yo 


I grew up here. I used to be a real-nerd freshman." 
The summer is the only thing I'm looking forward to." 
There are no simple answers." 

Peggy Sh.m.ihun 

— Spike 

— Maggie 

— Champ 


Peggy Shanaf 




-. ' 

Peggy Shanahan 


Eamonn Hobbs 









photo, Peggy Shan.ih.in 


Rick Allen 




When I think 

of leaving this place 

my mind starts taking pictures. 

I look long and hard 

at the all-the-time things 

that I'll leave behind 

for someone else to pick up. 

I want these pictures to remain clear — 

the yellows warm, the shapes solid. 

I want to be able to close my eyes 

and bring back the feelings . . . hear the noise. 

— Peggy 

Peggy Shanahan 


I have always thought that it was somewhat egotistical 

for a yearbook editor to use the last page of the book for 

a personal message. But some things must be written, and this is 

for all of you . . . for Jim Donohoe, Barbara Miliaras and Guy Garon 

who cared and kept the faith; for everyone in the Office of 

Student Affairs; for Leo Panas; for Karen, Eamonn, and the Connector Staff; 

for 'the stairwell'; for Terri, Bruce, Rick, and the Sojourn Staff who 

understood what is is like to be tired, dry, and frustrated; 

for about six thousand silent and patient people who waited 

five months longer than usual for their yearbook; 

for Diane who gave me constancy and more than a few good laughs; 

for Mike who gave me something very beautiful; 

and for Mom and Dad who gave me everything. 

For all those people — family and friends — whose support 

was of a value beyond words or estimation, 

this book was compiled and edited with love." 

— Peggy Shanahan